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Alana Sibley

Alana Sibley

About me. My name is Alana J. Sibley. I was born in Miami, then raised in Macon Georgia. This means I am a Georgia Peach at heart, a GA Bulldawg and a Beach Bum in the summertime.

My relationship with God

God is the center of my life and I live to serve Him. Click here to read some wonderful things that God has done for me.

At my church, I served as Youth Leader, Youth Mission Leader, Victory Leader, I sung in the Choir, and taught Children’s church, and minister on the Alter & Prayer Team.

I am an Ordained Minister and counsel people who need deliverance and inner healing at the Legacy Center in Fayetteville Georgia.

If you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior and would like to at this time please click here:

  • I have always wanted to have a husband, raise a family, and serve the Lord.

  • I have always dreamed of getting married and having a large family that is in the service of the Lord.

  • I want to help others deepen their relationship with God, understand God’s call for their lives and ministries and use my spiritual gifts to help meet the needs of others

My growing up years

Growing up I loved to play softball.  I was a Varsity cheerleader, secretary to the School Council and on Honor roll.

I worked as an Assistant Director of nursing at a nursing home. This is where I met my husband Mike, who was the maintenance Supervisor at the nursing facility.

It was a short courtship and we have been inseparable ever since.

Katarina, Dylan, Preston and Parker

Our family

Mike and I have five wonderful children and a toy yorkie name Lola.  As of Dec. 2013, Michael is 23, Dylan is 18, and Katarina is 14 and twin boys, Preston & Parker are both 13. We are so blessed to have them and it is never a dull moment!  They keep us very young and keep us in the know of what’s hot and what’s not these days.

Lola, our Toy Yorkie

A stay-at-home mom

I have always been a stay at home mom to care for my children.  I am old fashioned about staying home raising my kids.  I think it strengthens the family unit.  I never wanted our children to be cared for by daycares and nurseries.  I am very passionate about my kids and do not regret deciding to stay home and take care of them full time!

Being a stay at home mom is fulfilling and satisfying to me.  I cannot put a price tag on time spent with my children.  Earthly wealth, bonuses and power advancements and the commute to work every day pale in comparison to the value of time spent raising, nurturing and loving my children.

Continuing my education

Now that the kids are less dependent of me, I am working on my education.  I have realized that the corporate world moved on without me and I’m now playing catch-up.  Getting an education and having my own income is more important for me now than ever before as the needs of my children have changed.

I have just completed a duel degree at Georgia Military College with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and an Associate’s degree in Biology both with honors.

Looking to the future

I am about to embark on receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

I am pursuing a career in HealthCare Administration and Management. 

There are many areas of health care that a Health Care Administrator can oversee. There are also more specialized uses of health care administration evolving as the health care industry grows, I like having options.

Writing these articles

The digestion system has always fascinated me. When I was asked to write articles for this website, I was a little surprised at first, but very excited to do it.

Having written numerous papers and articles over the last two years while in college, I realized that I enjoy writing. I will try to offer my own experiences where appropriate, and do extensive research so I can possibly help others find solutions to their constipation problems.

Alana Sibley

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