Back Pain and Constipation
The Connection

Back pain and constipation often come at the same time. Why?

Some of the unpleasant and sometimes painful effects of constipation are sharp pains in the gut, the pressure, and of course, the painful trips to the bathroom.

But back pain can be another symptom of constipation’s evil grasp.

Does constipation cause back pain?

At first glance, we might wonder what back pain has to do with being constipated.

After all, they involve completely different functions of the body. What does an inability to empty the bowels have to do with the backbone?

A shifting of weight

Our backs can be easily influenced by a shifting of weight, especially if our  core back muscles aren't very strong.

Constipation brings about a very full colon, a colon filled up with heavy waist debris. Our backs must support this extra weight.

Illustrating the principle

I probably didn't need to spell it all out like this but it’s more fun this way.

Just as a pregnant woman can often struggle with back pain during pregnancy, our engorged colons can cause a very similar effect when one has been constipated for many days without relief.

This unusual weight caused by the unprocessed stool can then put a forward pull on our backs, pulling our spine out of its normal position.

Preventing back caused by constipation

So, how can one avoid not only back pain caused by constipation?  Avoiding constipation can be as easy as taking in a steady flow of both water and fiber into our bodies.

Second, a daily dose of concentrated sea minerals supplies a good amount of magnesium. I have personally seen this do an effective job at keeping my stool moist, soft and moving through my colon.

These same minerals can also supply your body much needed nutrients for a full, healthy function. The magnesium gives the muscles and bones in your back what they need for high performance.

Strengthening core muscles in the bacK

A tip I have been using for years to strengthen my back muscles is something of a modified push-up. I support myself on the floor with both elbows and either the knees or the toes. Then I gently raise and lower my abdomen 10 times.

I have found this to do a great job of strengthening the core muscles in both the abdomen and the lower back.

Even when I am experiencing strong back pain, I have seen a dramatic reduction in pain within days of starting this exercise.

In closing

Keeping our bodies healthy is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves, as our physical health not only impacts our physical well-beings, but our mental well-beings as well.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to browse through our other inspiring articles. We love being here for you and pray you are richly blessed upon leaving our site.

By Stephanie

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