Bad Breath

Is there such a thing as bad breath constipation?  Yes.

When the colon can’t get rid of the waste, that waste becomes rotten and putrid. The colon continues its job of absorbing liquids and nutrients from the stool into the blood stream.

But when toxins are present they are absorbed along with this liquid. Sadly, as the blood carries these toxins  all throughout the body, they find their way to the mouth.

This leads to a coated white tongue, bad breath and foggy thinking. Yes, constipation has resulted in bad breath.

Bad breath may indicate you are constipated

Dr. Edward Group, a Diplomat of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, explains why foul smelling breath is an important sign that your bowels are backed up.

When your bowels are retaining toxic waste, gas rises up
into a person's throat, and their breath becomes putrid. 

The time to act is now, and with these simple solutions you can easily begin to help your body rid itself of bad breath constipation, and keep constipation from coming back.

Four Simple Ways to Eliminate
Bad Breath Caused By Constipation

1. Increase fiber

Most of you already know that the most common method for relieving constipation and the resulting bad breath is to increase daily fiber intake. But what if that just doesn't do it?

Magnesium may be your answer. It is what many doctors prescribe for their patients before surgery, because it is an effective way to evacuate the colon of stool.

When fighting constipation, over the counter magnesium constipation products like Philips Milk of Magnesia and Epson Salt have proven to bring quick relief.

Magnesium is why these products work so well. Unfortunately, they are for occasional use only.

2. Daily magnesium may eliminate constipation

There is a long term, super easy solution for constipation. Just take a daily magnesium supplementDaily magnesium may help to get rid of bad breath constipation forever.

Plus, supplement magnesium may help to improve your health.

Most people do not get enough magnesium in the food they eat. When we provide our bodies with the magnesium the body neesd, it can result in some positive health changes.

Many people notice:

  • An increase in energy
  • A reduction in muscle cramps
  • No more bad breath

3. Keeping hydrated

Another key is to drink a glass of clean, filtered water every hour. This will help the kidneys by keeping them cleaned out. This in turn helps to purify the body.

Keeping our bodies hydrated also prompts the colon not to extract water for other needs, which can help with keeping feces soft and easy to pass.

4. A special salad

The final recommendation is: ENJOY a clean, organic salad filled with spinach, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds and raspberries drizzled with olive oil, flaxseed oil and some delicious balsamic vinegar.

It is a constipation buster!

To sum it up...

  • Drink Water
  • Take a daily Magnesium Supplement
  • Enjoy a bowl of fresh salad

Pretty simple stuff right?

Goodbye bad breath!

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