Does Beer and Constipation
= Relief?

Beer and Constipation

Is your favorite beer contributing to your constipation? Whether constipation is sporadic or ongoing, it is important to identify its source so ways to reduce its likelihood can be achieved.

After a few beers, many people are left feeling bloated—but does bloating also mean that beer and constipation go hand-in-hand too?

Fiber-full beer

Beer is made from grains, and grains are an excellent source of fiber.

The amount of fiber per serving of beer varies drastically, depending on the brand and type of beer being consumed.The most common beer available at bars and the grocery store have anywhere from 20% to 60% of our daily fiber intake.

With this high percentage of fiber, it seems logical that beer would help to reduce constipation—but there are a few other important factors to take into consideration.

Alcohol and yeast

While the grains in beer have a high content of fiber, the alcohol and yeast in beer counteract the positive effects of its fiber content.

The alcohol in beer can lead to dehydration, and dehydration leads to constipation. The yeast in beer can kill the “good” bacteria in your colon, which makes it more challenging to have successful elimination.

Beer and constipation reduction

So even with its high fiber content, beer often goes hand in hand with constipation. However, there are several ways in which the likelihood of beer leading to constipation can be reduced.

Drink in moderation

Consuming beer in moderation will reduce the likelihood of experiencing constipation. This is of particular importance for individuals who are gluten intolerant.

Since beer is a beverage, many forget that it is derived from grains—which exacerbate the symptoms of gluten intolerance.


If there is a party, sports event, or day in which beer will be the primary celebratory beverage—ensure to hydrate in between beverages. This can be accomplished by drinking water and electrolyte filled dropper bottle (E Boost 76) beverages in between, and in conjunction with beer.

E boost 76 - Maxwell - constipation remedy magnesium

Nourish from the inside out

The body is designed to self-heal and self-regulate, as long as we provide it with the nourishment it needs to effectively do its job. This is why many turn to a daily magnesium supplement to help.

Only 20% of the American population consumes enough magnesium each day

This lack of magnesium significantly increases the odds of having constipation problems. Magnesium mineral supplements can be used on a daily basis to provide the body with gentle, yet effective constipation relief.

Although a magnesium supplement can be used to treat sporadic constipation, most individuals just take them each day to reduce their overall likelihood of constipation.

Looking for a good magnesium supplement? How about concentrated sea minerals?

Not only do they provide the daily allowance of beneficial magnesium, but they also contain valuable trace minerals.

Conclusion, beer and constipation

If beer and constipation go hand-in-hand when consuming your favorite ale, I hope the suggestions above will be helpful to you.

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