Castor Oil for Constipation
Is it a Good Idea?

Castor oil for constipation

Who doesn't love the smell of castor oil in the morning?

Though I meant that in a sarcastic manner, castor oil can actually be a wonderful sight for those longing for relief from the irritating pain of constipation.

What in the world is castor oil?

For those of you who are new to this constipation remedy, castor oil is extracted from Castor beans.

It is a slightly bitter oil which can be taken either alone or mixed with fruit juices for a more palatable taste.

Does castor oil for constipation work?

After taking the recommended dose of one teaspoon of this slippery substance, the oil works as a stimulant laxative and promptly makes its way down into both your small and your large intestine.

As it barges into the stubborn stool party, castor oil lays out a slick coating on the walls of the colon.

This helps seal off the stool from losing any more moisture, plus it eases the friction of the dry, compacted stool so it can slide more efficiently out of your body and into the stinky, but blessed toilet where it belongs.

Can I use castor oil for constipation every day?

NO. Or I should perhaps say, consuming castor oil on a daily basis is not recommended.

Castor oil, if taken long term, may cause the nasty symptoms of nausea, weakness, cramping and diarrhea, as well as a weakening of the colon. This means long term frustration in the ability to have frequent bowel movements.

Castor oil also temporarily reduces your colons ability to absorb nutrients into your system, coating the colon and blocking it's ability to absorb.

What's the best way to use castor oil?

If you want to reap the best effects from this specific constipation remedy, take a teaspoon worth each morning on an empty stomach for 1-7 days, depending on the length of days it takes to achieve constipation relief.

It is likely, however, that you will begin to have bowel movement within 4-6 hours of castor oil consumption.

How does castor oil rank among other remedies?

Though castor oil can be a perfectly good tool for obliterating constipation from your body, I would personally give castor oil a rating of 5 out of 10 among other forms of constipation relief.

Why? Standing alone, castor oil does in fact work, but in comparing with the best of the best, the cream of the cream of constipation remedies, there are several other remedies that in my mind, not only outperform castor oil, but also bring the body a host of other benefits as well.

My personal, number one recommended remedy for constipation relief also comes in a liquid form, known as Ionic Sea Minerals.

What's so great about Ionic Sea Minerals?

Ionic Sea Minerals is a health super star, as it not only abolishes and prevents constipation onsets, but also works to strengthen your body’s immune system and general over all health.

Based on my personal experience, Ionic Sea Minerals, when used to treat painful constipation, works quickly, for me usually in 30 minutes to an hour.

It’s magnesium pulls much needed water into your colon where the dry poop is lodged, and moves it speedily out of the colon.

After all, what is constipation but dried out poop?

So I shouldn't use castor oil for constipation?

In my humble opinion, castor oil is perfectly fine to use for infrequent bouts of constipation, as it does stand as an effective form of constipation relief.

However, I will say this: if you are one who battles chronic, ongoing constipation, I would say with 100% conviction the better long term choice is that of Ionic Sea Minerals for your colon’s greatest ongoing health, since as a mineral supplement Ionic Sea Minerals is designed to be taken every day.

Goodbye constipation!!!

In my mind, why go with a remedy that just gets you by, such as castor oil, when you can instead go the whole nine yards with a remedy that gives you so many additional health benefits?

Thank you

Hopefully I have given you a small peak into the wonderful world of constipation remedies and you are leaving with clarity and direction in your mind to solve your constipation woes.

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy browsing our many other great articles written just for you regarding constipation relief. We so appreciate you.

By Stephanie

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