Coconut Oil and Constipation Relief

Coconut oil and constipation relief. Suffering with constipation, that nasty, backup in the colon that can keep the sun from shining?

How about some nice tropical relief? Silky soft coconut oil could be the answer you are looking for.

Coconut oil is good for you

I've been reading a lot lately about the benefits of coconut oil.

Despite the campaign waging a war against the evils of saturated fats, it turns out that coconut oil brings an abundant supply of health benefits for the entire body, but particularly for the gut. More on this in a minute.

The beauty of coconut oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of a coconut either by:

  • Pressing dry coconut meat to “milk” the oil

  • Soaking the coconut meat in water and then squeezing it, releasing the oil and milk mixture which automatically then separate from each other inside the bowl

Due to its slow oxidation, coconut oil is very resistant to spoiling.

Unless exposed to warmer conditions, coconut oil generally stays a solid that possesses an almost crumbly, soft waxy texture when dragging a knife through.

Coconut oil helps constipation

For starters, coconut oil is taken directly from a fruit high in fiber, the coconut.  Fiber equals great constipation relief, so we’re off to a good start.

Secondly, it is an incredible natural lubricator for dry stubborn poop.

Just take two to three tablespoons of this light, coconut flavored deliciousness. The coconut oil will find its way to your digestive track where it will do its thing.

  • Coconut oil coats your presently formed poop for smoother transit

  • It helps the future formation of poop by making it soft and ready to go

  • Coconut oil is known for increasing the rate of your metabolism

  • A quicker moving metabolism means a faster transfer time for stool

Coconut oil can also help with sweet weight loss as well, the second most sought after benefit to that of constipation relief.

Ways to enjoy coconut oil

Cooking with coconut oil in place of vegetable oils is the most popular way to eat it. However, this is not the only way to enjoy it’s satiny soft cream.

  • Use it like butter. Take a few knife slivers of hardened coconut oil and spread it over your favorite piece of bread, muffin or roll. With its delicate taste and easy use, it makes for a delicious spread on many things.

  • Take a spoonful and let it melt on your tongue like a piece of candy.  This might sound gross to some, but many find this method mighty tasty and, unlike other types of oils, very light.

  • Rise and shine with a spoonful of this creamy stuff in your oatmeal for added flavor.

  • In your coffee.  Stirring a bit of coconut oil into your coffee makes for added flavor and smoother taste, so drink up!

  • Coconut oil melts easily and is a beautiful way to dress up vegetables, either cooked or raw.

  • The recommended daily dose for maximum health benefits is two to three tablespoons per day. Get coconut oil AND constipation relief.

Coconut oil fats are good for you

For years, health specialists claimed that it was unhealthy to consume saturated fats.

Saturated fats were supposedly linked to not only heart disease, but obesity, and were said to have over-all negative effects on one’s health.

In 2010 however, new understanding came streaming to light on the subject, showing that researchers had apparently jumped the gun when making these horrible claims. The evidence just wasn't there.

As more studies were conducted, just the opposite was found to be true. Not only did saturated fats bring a plethora of goodness to our health, but they also ENCOURAGED weight loss while actually being heart healthy!

One woman tells about her personal journey from being a strict low-fat advocate to having a diet rich in fats. She shares how her health improved dramatically after making the change. Read her story HERE.

Your body will thank you

The colon really responds well when we take care of it. It is one of our mega centers for well-being inside the body.

  • According to Dr. Oz, coconut oil helps our bodies resist illness, viruses,  yeast and fungus.

  • It also has been proven to help the hormones associated with the thyroid for weight loss.

  • It aids in decreasing blood sugar and improving insulin use in the body.

  • It is amazing for anti-aging, stopping healthy fats and tissues from becoming damaged over time.

  • It is an amazing moisturizer for the body and hair and is gentle enough for even a baby’s skin.

You can afford this luxury

With all of that being said, why not get coconut oil and constipation relief?  

Coconut oil is relatively inexpensive and can be found in most grocery stores.

With its wonderfully long shelf life, smooth as satin taste and easy use, for me coconut oil rules supreme for cooking, general well-being. For me, coconut oil and constipation relief go together.

If YOU are constipated, grumpy and feeling generally low, grab a tub of this delicious white cream. Then don't be surprised with the relieving results.

Better than coconut oil

I can’t let you go without letting you know that in my book, magnesium is without equal for helping with constipation.

By simply taking a 
daily mineral supplement rich in magnesium, I nip constipation in the bud.

Magnesium pulls water into the colon, which helps to keep stool from drying out.

A moist stool moves more easily through the colon, and is really easy to expel.

I used to dread time on the stool, but now it usually takes only 10 to 20 seconds, with no discomfort.

Plus, like coconut oil and constipation, magnesium is loaded with many health benefits.


Thank you so much for stopping by, may you leave more inspired than when you came and ready to charge into that wonderful realm of coconut oil and constipation freedom!  

Thanks for reading.

By Stephanie

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