Complications of Constipation
Learning from Thomas

Complications of constipation.
It makes you wonder, doesn't it?  Whether or not there’s a single soul that ever lived who did not experience one degree or another of constipation? Another thing many have wondered is:

“How dangerous is constipation, and how bad can it get?”

Being constipated most definitely brings its share of physical and mental complications. I know. I lived for many years with extreme constipation.

Let’s start by looking at some of the not so obvious beginning signs of constipation, clues that a more painful moment on the porcelain throne might be ahead if something isn't done.

First clues of irregularity

It's Christmas weekend and Thomas just snuck away with five more sugar cookies from Aunt Betsy’s buffet table.  He already managed to put away three pieces of pie (he had to try all three kinds), a turkey dinner, chips, fudge, chocolate, corn, sugary fruit punch and, oh yes, some eggnog.

This was just today. It does not include a whole week of sugar eating.

As he makes his way to the bathroom that evening, Thomas can’t help but notice the uncomfortable pain in his gut and a slight feeling of irritation as he leaves the bathroom, barely able to go and unsuccessfully backed up. This is the first indicator of complications of constipation.

Aunt Betsy holds out a brand new tray of delights, however, and he can’t help but eat just a little more.

Complications of constipation begin

It’s Monday morning and Thomas is sitting in his office.  He feels sluggish and unresponsive to the chaotic flow of business around him.  All he can think about is his gut, how huge it is and how horrible he feels.

His colonic system has arrived at a grand halt, yielding only very little dry stool. This makes him feel lethargic and irritable.

This is still not enough, however, to sway him from all the left over Christmas goodies his co-workers so joyously thrust his way, and he ignores his system for a little while longer. After all, Christmas comes but once a year!

Signs of the half-way mark to constipation

By this point, it has been a gut wrenching five days since Thomas last had a major bowel movement.  He is still able to go very small amounts, but nothing compared to the massive amount of stool still packed inside.

He kind of tries to drink a little more water, and he eats just 2 sugar cookies this time instead of five.

He hopes this will maybe be enough to somehow convince his backed up stool it is no longer welcome. As he falls asleep on the couch watching television, there is still no relief in sight.

Stopping complications of constipation in their tracks

Thomas is now at an uneasy state of constipation. He’s not yet into the frozen colon zone, but getting close.

A health specialist friend of his, upon hearing his bathroom grunts in the other stall, advises him to start eating more fiber the next few days, drink large amounts of water and take a dose of Milk of Magnesia to help bring relief to his screaming colon.

(Unlike laxatives, magnesium naturally draws water into the colon
hydrating and softening the stool and creating
a back pressure to help move stool along)

Thomas nods, knowing his friend is right. He goes home with every intention of following his friend’s advice.

As Thomas swings the door open, huge steaks are sizzling on the grill along with buttery corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. (The protein rich steak, the corn and the starchy potatoes all tend to constipate.)

A large holiday cake, left over from the festivities, stands front and center of this glorious display of food.

Thomas couldn't help but temporarily push his colon’s needs to the side.

Signs of the red zone of constipation

It has now been over a week since Thomas first began his holiday indulging.

His stool has come to such a hard and compacted state that even his efforts to fiber and drink more water aren't having much effect.

His stool has now built up into a large, hard and dry immovable state that no light form on diet and laxative remedy can touch. Complications of constipation are progressing.

The physical complications

Thomas has now reached a point where no cookie tempts him, no hot foods lure him. Thomas has completely lost his appetite as nausea takes it’s place.

By this stage, toxins are now re-circulating into his body, making him sluggish, lethargic and void of any energy whatsoever.

The mental complications

Thomas feels irritable, weary and slightly depressed as his body remains stuck, unable to remove waste and toxins.

He remains indoors by this point, not wishing to be around anyone, as he writhes in sharp abdominal pain.

Aftermath of red zone complications of constipation

Thomas’ wife urges him to go to the E.R., to which he agrees. After an x-ray and a talk with the doctor, Thomas is given a large enema. This breaks up the stool a bit and forces it out. After some painful elimination, it is all over.

A new road

With advice from his doctor, Thomas starts eating a fiber rich diet and drinking a lot more water.

After spending hours searching the internet, Thomas learns that taking a daily mineral supplement rich in magnesium helps to prevent constipation (and other health benefits).

Determined to avoid future fights with constipation, Thomas decides to give it a try.

Some Tips for the Reader

Though most complications of constipation are not this extreme, it’s still much more enjoyable to learn from a story than from first-hand experience.

Why not take a minute to explore this website to learn what causes constipation, and what foods to eat to prevent it.

Since opportunities for indulgence seem to present themselves all to often, consider following my example.

You see, a daily dose of a sea mineral supplement loaded with magnesium is almost a fail-safe way to keep occasional bad food choices from wrecking havoc on our colons.

A little magnesium help can go a long way towards healthy regularity.  To all my readers, take care, and as always, thank you so much for stopping by and reading.

By Stephanie

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