Constipated Dog Symptoms

By Dr. Vik

Constipated dog symptoms

Fido, your darling dog, has been behaving unusually for the last few days. He whimpers, is restless and is just not as friendly as usual. You are no doubt worried.

A change in your dog’s personality may be due to a number of different reasons. One such reason that affects many dogs is constipation. 

But how exactly can you determine that your dog is constipated? A good place to start is recognizing some of the causes of constipation in dogs.

Reasons for symptoms of dog constipation

  • Shortcomings in their diet, including a lack of fiber

  • A lack of exercise

  • Too much self grooming, leading to the ingestion of a lot of hair

  • Swallowing something that your dog shouldn’t have swallowed, leading to a blockage in the intestines

  • Tumors or injury to the pelvic area

Symptoms of Dog Constipation

In the early stages of constipation, dogs may not exhibit any signs that they are having trouble emptying their bowels. As the condition worsens, the following symptoms may show up.

Whimpering for no apparent reason

The primary reason for constipation is hard, dry stools that are difficult to pass. The colon gets loaded up with stool, causing the colon to cramp and sometimes spasm.

This can be rather uncomfortable for a dog. When pain occurs, dogs may whimper without any clear reason. If you observe this, look for other symptoms of constipation.

Difficulty in defecating

When you take your dog out for a walk, if you notice that your dog is not able to pass stool easily and cries out when attempting to do so, then it is likely that your dog is constipated. Some dogs may crouch or ‘double up’ in pain.

Matted hair around the anus

If you see any matted hair or feces around the anal region, it may be an indicator that there is a lot of hair in your dog’s stools.

Symptoms of Worsening Constipation

Small, pellet like stool

As constipation progresses, the stool can become harder and harder in consistency. This makes it even harder to pass.

Stool may appear to be a few small pellets, which is an indicator that only stool that is close to the anal opening is being passed, and what is present in the rest of the colon is not being passed. Defecation then becomes even more difficult.

A change in a dog’s demeanor

The spasms that are associated with constipated bowel movements can be rather painful, and can come in short bursts. When this happens, dogs may become extremely restless and agitated.

In advanced stages of constipation, a dog may develop lethargy, tiredness, vomiting and a lack of interest in food. This can result in weight loss and illness.

Changes in the anal region

When examined, dogs may have a sore abdomen and pain around the anal area. Occasionally this area may appear red and swollen.

Some dogs may have a small amount of liquid that oozes out of their anus when they attempt to pass stools. While this may appear like they are having a bowel movement, it is not the case. It is rather moisture that is squeezing past impacted stool.

The Solution to Dog Constipation

The best way is to eliminate dog constipation is to make sure a dog eats a healthy diet, one that contains plenty of fiber. Also, make sure your dog has plenty of clean drinking water and gets a little exercise. 

The magnesium contained in a supplement called Ionic Sea Minerals can be quite helpful for dog constipation relief. Magnesium helps to draw additional water into the colon, which in turn moistens stool, making it easier to pass. 

The trace minerals contained in the Sea Minerals can also be beneficial to your dog. Just add a drop for every 2 pounds of to your dog’s drinking water each day.


When Fido is constipated, he will communicate it to you in his own way. Learn to recognize the symptoms, and when you see them, offer him the help he needs.

Hopefully this will help to return him to being a happy, cheerful dog!

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