Constipation Acne
How One Causes the Other


Constipation acne? Really? Acne seems to have a mind of its own, springing up seemingly out of nowhere, without rhyme or reason, and giving you no notice of when it’s going to come or go…how rude!

Though we normally link acne predominately to our teenage years of life, it is by no means bound to this time frame. It can remind us of its existence in the most random times of our adult lives. But why?

Who, What, Where, Why

What is acne and what causes it to show its face?  Are the myths true?  If I eat chocolate and grease, will I break out? Is there a constipation acne link?

To begin finding answers, you may be surprised where we need to look first. It may not be where you think. You see, skin issues are far more than just skin deep. They’re far more than fat deep, or muscle deep. Our skin actually has a very close relationship with our gut.

The gut truth

Though you may be shaking your head thinking I've lost my ever loving mind with this statement, please let me explain. It has to do with a little paradigm called the “gut-skin axis”, and it's not just a theory, it's fact.

The gut-skin axis was discovered by researchers over 100 years ago. It clearly explains the existence of not only acne, but also of:

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis

Your gut is a very powerful component to your body, though it is the least glorified of our members. Known as “the second brain”, our gut is kind of like the Vice President to the President, with extreme power over the body’s workings
, each and every cell.

It is no surprise that when we become constipated, it does more than throw off our ability to poop. Constipation acne is real. Our whole body begins to be influenced by this nasty back-up, taking it into a dark sluggish state of being.

Acne loves constipation

When our gut has fallen victim to constipation, all of the toxins it was working to get rid of begin to be reabsorbed back into our blood. The blood carries these to the skin, looking for help to get rid of them.

This causes your skin cells to become irritated. Here they’re trying their best to thrive and be beautiful and your bloodstream drops off a load of toxic grossness.

So your skin goes to work to rid itself of these nasty toxins in the only way it can find: the pores of your skin.

Now it makes sense

Now we can understand what might be behind our acne explosions. Of course, constipation acne is not the only reason for acne breakouts, but it is one of the main contributors to acne, and worth paying attention to.

It’s funny, isn't it, how much of an effect our poop schedule really does have on our entire bodies. Who knew keeping the old intestines functioning properly was so important to our over-all health and happiness?

Constipation can also affect our complexion with:

Dry skin


Red patches

Probiotics and acne

Another factor in constipation acne is the flora of the gut. Researchers have established a link between having poor gut flora and acne.

Use of probiotics, including cultured vegetables, kefir, yogurt, Kombucha, etc., have been shown to help with constipation, and also to help to clear up acne.

Show acne and constipation the back door

What can be done to keep constipation from occurring? It’s really not complicated. 90% of it has to do with bad food choicesgood food choices, and with what we drink.

While junk foods such as oily chocolate and greasy french fries were blamed in the past for acne outbreaks, this is only indirectly true.

It’s not these particular food groups which somehow cause the skin pores to clog. These foods can be linked to acne because they cause constipation, resulting in toxin overload.

The following can help to keep the digestive system working, resulting in soft, easy to pass stools.

  • Eating foods rich in fiber such as broccoli and beans

  • Limiting foods full of starches and sugar is a wonderful start to constipation prevention

  • Drinking lots of unadulterated water (sugary sweet tea, coffee and Red Bull don’t count) 

What is the best product

to prevent constipation?


What is the best product for

ongoing constipation relief?

A magnesium supplement

A note to teenagers: though you may keep a clean colon, your

acne may be caused primarily by soaring levels of hormones

in your body.  Do not fear, as your hormones stabilize,

your acne should fall to the wayside.

I can see clearly now, the toxins are gone

Ah yes. The wonderful relieving feeling in the morning of looking in the mirror and seeing a clear and glowing complexion looking back at us, with constipation acne gone!

The disappearance of constipation acne is happily just the start of physical benefits we will receive from keeping our guts clean and functional.

We will also notice an increase in our “happy juice” (Serotonin), new bursts of energy, a clear thinking head and an all-over feel good effect.

Give your gut a crown of honor

We need to realize just how important our gut really is and treat it with great respect. It is far more than simply a dump area for our waste. It helps our entire body to thrive. Without our gut, we would be in very bad shape.

Remember next time when you shrug off the fact that you haven’t had a singular bowel movement in who knows how many days...remember: it will bring about more than just a painful moment in the bathroom…it affects your entire physical well-being.

So take care of your gut, and it will take care of you.  Empower your gut. And rid yourself of constipation acne forever! Do it with a magnesium supplement, and get other health benefits as well.

Thank you for stopping by, and as always, thank you so very much for reading!

By Stephanie

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