Constipation and Bloating

Constipation and bloating. Feeling bloated? Feeling fat? Feeling full of hot air? You may be experiencing an effect of constipation.

I had lost seventy pounds and taken my physical body to new heights of health and fitness. However, on days when I was bombarded with bloating, my weight loss felt nonexistent.

I would sit on the couch with my puffy gut staring at me from below. It was so annoying, as it accused me of gaining back those seventy pounds.

Even though it was only an illusion, in those moments I found myself desperately looking to find a way to get rid of my bloated gut. Women, you know what I am talking about :-)

Understanding constipation

Constipation occurs when stool becomes dried out.

Too dry to travel much at all, it begins to build up day after day like a small beaver dam, becoming harder and denser by the hour. Finally it grows to become an impenetrable wall.

This type of stool can be a result of:


A lack of fiber

Processed foods

Junk foods

Since our intestinal track is the only way for us to get rid of digestion’s waste products, a colon barricaded by stool creates quite an unsettling, uncomfortable feeling.

Why constipation causes bloating

The GI track stretches from the stomach down to the anus. This is the region where bloating occurs.

When stool becomes backed up, the gas formed in the stomach during digestion has a much more difficult time escaping through the stool “road blocks”, resulting in higher pressure throughout the gut.

When we are unable to pass gas, bloating occurs. It’s a most frustrating feeling, as air is trapped inside long intestinal passageways with no escape in sight.

Poor gut flora

Here’s a way that even more gas might get trapped in the digestive tract. Good bacteria can be overrun by yeast. The yeast ferments the contents of the intestines, producing copious amounts of gas.

Combined with the constipation blockages, the amount of bloating it produces can be a double whammy.

How to get rid of bloating

They say if you want to control a snake you must first control its head. To control bloating, you must first control constipation. Just empty your gut.

It isn't complicated. Just empty your colon, and the gas will go with it. “And how do I do that?” You might ask with a grumpy bloated tone to your voice.  Well, I suggest taking a sea mineral supplement rich in magnesium.

The magnesium in concentrated sea minerals is a powerful agent to encourage bowels to move! It pulls water into the colon. This water moistens and lubricates the stool. It also adds force that helps to move it down and out.

Though you may experience some cramping as bloating is dealt with, look on the bright side. The trapped gas inside your gut may actually help to push the stool out of your colon. Yes, helpful gas!

Living bloat free

Once the stool has been effectively eliminated, bloating should disappear. To ward off any future unsettling bloating incidents, I take a daily dose of the sea minerals. They’re not just good for constipation, but contain valuable nutrients, plus the magnesium has numerous health benefits.

I usually pour a cap full (1 tsp) into a liter of water and stir in some pink lemonade mix for flavor. Then I enjoy sipping on it throughout the day.

My mom chooses to take a tsp. of the minerals in the evening with 3 ounces of grape juice. My dad takes a little over a tsp. each morning in a tall glass of water. (I wouldn't suggest this approach)

For further help in warding off this arch enemy of constipation and bloating,

Drink plenty of plain H20

Eat a good amount of fiber rich foods

Try to stay away from too much sugar,
starch, red meat and processed foods

Of course, physical movement can be helpful in getting lodged stool moving again. So turn on your favorite song and dance your favorite dance (or just take a walk).

Bloating is only temporary

Remember, next time constipation and bloating gang up on you, it is indeed temporary and it will pass. Don’t respond by going on a crash diet thinking you've gained 50 pounds. (Ha Ha, I wasn't really that naive myself - twitch twitch)

As always, thank you for stopping by. I hope these articles prove helpful to you in your time of constipation woes, and that you leave feeling liberated from constipation and bloating’s clutch.

Enjoy your bloat free day!

By Stephanie

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