Constipation Home Remedies
Using Juices

Constipation home remedies using juices. Constipation. It’s an irritating little bugger that never seems to stay away for long.

Doing what is necessary to get ourselves back into regularity can take discipline. Unfortunately, many times we yield to poor food choices, and find ourselves riding the constipation roller coaster one more time.

If only there were a way to have our pleasures and still stay regular. Dare we even dream?

Dreams can become reality with a little ingenuity, and with juice.

Juice benefits from history

An ancient tribe of Israel found that juiced pomegranates and figs resulted in “profound strength and subtle form” according to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Asia tapped into the power of juicing greens thousands of years ago. They discovered that this juice boosted immunity and had a strengthening effect on the body.

Peru juiced Passion fruit for its many health properties.

Juicing and various juicing contraptions came sweeping across America’s 20th Century marketplace as word spread that juicing fostered health and vitality.

Dreams do come true

To deal with constipation, our culture swims in a sea of prescription drugs, laxatives and over the counter remedies.

Many people are crying out for natural solutions to their chronic constipation assaults. Many are finding such constipation home remedies using juices, both vegetable and fruit.

Vegetable juice for constipation

Vegetables can stop constipation in its tracks. But when your gut is bloated, aching and feeling the ripples of nausea, eating enough vegetables to make the difference may be the last thing you feel like doing.

This is when juicing can be so very powerful.

Juicing literally gets rid of the chewing, bestowing the power of a host of vegetables into a few potent gulps. Here is a list of constipation home remedies using juices, specifically vegetable juices.

Cabbage, beet root, spinach, kale, basil, sweet potato,

beet greens, sweet red peppers, celery, cucumbers and carrots

These are all vegetables that can work wonders for the digestive track.

For a rather complete list of vegetables and fruits beneficial for juicing, click here.

Fruit juice for constipation

Not all fruit juice will help a backed up colon.

Though we typically think of fruits as being the all-around good guys, though they all bring their healthful benefits, when taken for the purpose of constipation relief, some fruits will actually make the situation worse.

Bananas are known for forming solid stool, not for softening it. Great for diarrhea, but not for constipation.

Here is a great line-up of delicious and potent constipation home remedies using juices, featuring fruit juices:

Pears, dates, figs, lemons, limes, apples, oranges, pineapple,

kiwi, peaches, cranberries, blueberries, and watermelon

Add a touch of dynamite to that juice

If you are at all like me and don’t feel like sitting around forever waiting for that coveted bowel movement, add some magnesium to your juice.

Magnesium does the following:

Draws water into the colon

Moistens and softens the stool

Bulks up the stool, to get things moving rather quickly

Ionic sea minerals are a great source of magnesium. When I blend a teaspoon into my juice, I can usually expect results within an hour or so.

If the situation is more dire, two teaspoons works even faster, but beware of overdoing it, as it can cause diarrhea.

I have found the magnesium in this mineral supplement has amazing effects. It:

Boosts my immune system

Helps me to think more clearly

Gives me extra energy and drive.

These are a few of the many benefits of magnesium.

Besides magnesium, sea minerals contain a host of other valuable trace minerals.

Click here for some amazing juicing recipes specifically geared for constipation.

Consider pomegranate

Feel like chewing your juice for constipation relief?

Get two awesome constipation remedies in one fruit by chewing some pomegranate seeds!

  • Juice Pomegranates are full of hundreds of little corn kernel sized seeds made almost entirely of juice. The juice is full of anti-oxidants and works as a wonderful laxative for constipation woes.

  • Roughage. A tiny seed is inside each one of the mini fruits and when chewed creates wonderful roughage for scrubbing the colon wall.

To easily extract the seeds from a pomegranate

  1. With a sharp knife, gently cut the rind of the fruit the same way you would cut the rind of an orange.

  2. Cut off each end of the pomegranate.

  3. Use your hands to carefully break open the fruit over a bowl of ice cold water, separating the fruit into four sections.

  4. Let the fruit soak for five minutes and the seeds will automatically began to fall away from the rind.

Benefits of pulp and chewing

Also keep in mind the benefits of the pulp; though I highly recommend juicing for constipation, for daily health and increased long term benefits, take time to eat fruits and vegetables in their whole form as well.

It takes chewing to combine food with saliva, and saliva contains digestive enzymes. So drink juice, but do some chewing, too.

Juice cautions

Constipation home remedies using juices are wonderful and delicious treatments for constipation, but use with care.

Drinking too much fruit juice can cause a little too much relief and bring about diarrhea, not to mention mouth sores, should the fruit be acidic, as found with lemons, pineapples and oranges.

Thank you for stopping by. If you have a minute, please take a peek at our many other great articles on constipation relief and colon health.

By Stephanie

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