Constipation and Depression
Mental Effects of Extreme Constipation

By Stephanie
Constipation and depression. Though constipation is most commonly known for its physical effects on the body, constipation can bring on an onslaught of negative mental effects as well.

  • Chronic constipation can contribute to depression

  • The backup of the waste can prevent the essential absorption of nutrients from food

  • Without properly digested nutrients, these affect the levels of feel good chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin, and nor epinephrine.  

Loss of self empowerment and shame

As I battled constipation as a child, the psychological implications were astonishingly real for me. Probably the worst effect my chronic extreme constipation had was a loss of my sense of self-power.  It seemed, unlike my brother and sister, that no matter how badly I wanted to, I couldn't force myself to go.

This caused me to struggle with deep shame, and a feeling of being “lesser than” others. I believe this was partially responsible for slowing down my social development. It took me years to recover from this.

I felt high levels of frustration over always needing to ask for my mother for a water enema to help me relieve myself. In many senses, this type of dependence made me feel quite powerless for a very long time. Yes, there is a link between constipation and depression.

Finally I started learning what triggered my constipation, and keeping it in check by requesting a water enema way before it had a chance to get worse.

Mood shifts

Constipation made me feel irritable, sluggish, and tired. Many times I would remain indoors, feeling too tired and nauseous to play.  

When constipation is in full swing, it causes the body to absorb toxins back into the system to try and get rid of them another way. This high toxic load can cause anxiety, panic attacks, irritability and insomnia.

Mental health problems associated with constipation may be more common than we think. For this reason it is crucial to find a solution for chronic constipation. I tried many things,  and finally found a solution.

A note to leave on

Constipation is, quite simply, no fun. Constipation and depression can go hand in hand. After living many years of my adolescent life battling chronic extreme constipation, I have come to truly appreciate my current ability to go regularly.

If you are battling chronic constipation my heart goes out to you. My highest piece of advice to you for ending its painful onslaught is to focus on long term, dietary changes.

In my personal opinion, small dietary changes will not only improve your ability to go, but will also improve your over-all health and well-being.

I highly recommend the use of ionic sea minerals as a daily nutritional supplement, as it has a wonderful long term, healthy effect on your colon as well as your over-all health.

If you are trying to launch a healthier you I would most certainly advise including this product into your normal daily regimen. It’s wonderfully affordable, easy to use and will help you glide smoothly into regaining the power of your poops, one potty visit at a time!

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