Constipation and Weight Gain

By Dr. Nuwanthi Fernando

Constipation and weight gain

What is the connection between constipation and weight gain?

There are numerous ways that weight gain and constipation may be linked together.

Here are some of the explanations as to why weight gain may be linked to constipation.

A Build-up of Feces
Directly Increases our Weight

Constipation causes a retention of feces in the colon. 

The weight of the extra stool then causes the bathroom scale to say we have gained weight. However, when this stool is successfully evacuated from the body, this type of weight gain disappears.

A good colon cleanse can help to cleanse this extra feces from the colon. Taking a magnesium supplement may have the same effect.

Constipation Tied in with Diet

A major source of constipation fighting fiber is found in vegetables and fruits. 

These also tend to have fewer calories than other foods. So when we aren’t eating vegetables and fruit, we may be eating foods higher in calories that have less fiber.

Therefore not eating these low calorie fiber rich foods can result in both constipation and weight gain.

Malabsorption of Nutrients

Next, lets discuss the malabsorption syndrome.

When the body has difficulty in removing feces, the waste matter starts to build up in the colon as a sticky mucosal layer over the intestinal lining.

This sticky coating hardens with time and blocks the absorption of nutrients. When the body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, it compensates by using the hunger sensation to inform us that it needs more food.

So we eat more, which leads to weight gain.

Constipation May Slow Down Metabolism

Constipation causes food to pass more slowly through the gastrointestinal tract. 
This may lead to a slower metabolism. 

When metabolism slows down, the extra calories are stored away as fat.

Disease Caused by Constipation

When the body is becomes constipated, toxins that should have been eliminated are re-absorbed into the blood stream. 

These toxins may result in certain diseases. One possible side effect of diseases caused by these toxins is weight gain. 

To avoid these diseases caused by increased toxicity, it is important to find a solution for chronic constipation.

Conclusion of Constipation and Weight Gain

There are numerous ways that constipation may be linked to weight gain. 

The best way to address the problem is to deal with constipation. Please use the menu at the top to locate those articles that specifically fit your situation.

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