Constipation Away From Home
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What is more frustrating than constipation away from home?

Despite our best efforts to prepare for everything else when taking a trip somewhere, many times we forget the toll the road will take on our digestive system.

The often extreme change in our normal routine can really affect our regularity, even bringing on the aggravating side-effect of constipation.

In my life, I experienced constipation while away from home on multiple occasions.

Road Tripping My Way to Being Constipated

I was twenty years old and on the road trip of a lifetime, heading from Georgia all the way to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Gas stations full of soda pop, chocolate and fast food greeted me all along the way, combined with hours of none-stop sitting.

To no surprise, my bowels began to feel not so good. It was finally around San Antonio, Texas when my colon really began to throw fits.

I remember my two friends and I getting ready to hit the city for a fun night out.

Though my heart was willing, my colon was weak with lack of a bowel movement and I felt quite miserable. It made for a not so fun night, filled with many pit stops to city restrooms along the way until I was finally able to get relief.

Planning for a road trip

If you are planning on being away from home via a long road trip, there are simple, preventative measures you can take to make it a smooth ride for your intestines.

  1. Before even leaving home I like to take a magnesium supplement to aid in future regularity.

  2. Take advantage of refueling stops to stretch your legs and walk around.
    You can imagine your colon as a transportation canal; visualize each time you walk or jump around you are increasing the current of the canal so it can transport its goods (you can take a guess what goods I’m speaking of).

  3. If it's too difficult to turn down those amazing gas station treats, just make sure to drink lots and lots of water instead of soda pop. Twinkies or no Twinkies, the water will add to the current of your canal system and help keep the stool soft and moving as it should.

My International Flight and Constipation

Traveling internationally can present it's own problems for regularity. My brother and I took an amazing trip to Europe several years ago to visit my sister.

When we got off the airplane after the almost nine hour flight, my system stubbornly seized up on me due to the lack of movement on the flight as well as the nervous energy of the airport.

For me, I had nervous energy, not from mixing with the thousands of other bustling fliers but also by our terrifying passport check; my nerves were high.

I had no success in relieving my colon in the airport’s public bathroom. I had to ignore the painful pressure in my gut for another 2 hours as we then drove to the town where my sister was staying.

By the time we finally arrived at the place she was staying, we had been sitting for a grand total of eleven hours. My colon was, to say the least, severely cranky.

Staying regular on long flights

Yes, traveling internationally presents a little more of a challenge with avoiding constipation. However, there are ways to keep your colon’s clock tick-tocking on schedule.

  • Before boarding the flight I take a sea mineral supplement rich in magnesium. The magnesium pulls water into the colon to keep the contents from drying out. This makes it much easier to empty out. Magnesium also has other health benefits.

  • Second, I drink water! Water is free on flights. It is easy to get dehydrated on long flights, and dehydration can lead to constipation.

  • Third, since the bathroom is about the only place you can to go on a jet plane, I get up and take bathroom excursions every couple of hours. This helps to keep things moving in my colon.

  • Fourth, in a stress filled foreign airport, I can have trouble making myself relax, and as yo probably know, it is harder to use the restroom when you are tense. I find it helpful to take a muscle relaxant a few hours before landing.

Relief Recipe For Away From Home Constipation

1). Ionic Sea Minerals

2). Drink lots of water

3). Move that body into gear

If you follow these three suggestions when you travel away from home, you can most likely expect to avoid constipation and instead enjoy a joyously smooth journey to your destination.

So buckle up. Enjoy your trip. And as always, thanks for reading.

By Stephanie

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