Constipation Blues?


Do you hear that?  I know that sound. It’s the sound of constipation blues.

I’m sure you, like many people, have heard that tune yourself. But what causes that familiar old song to play?

Down to the basics

What exactly is constipation?  Before understanding the physically and emotionally blue effect that constipation causes, we must first understand why it comes in the first place. Constipation is caused by the general lack of water inside the stool during processing.

The result of this is the painful and stubborn existence of dry poo which then becomes lodged like a broken trap door inside the intestinal track. Having little motivation to move at all, this poop gradually builds layer upon layer, until poof, you’re constipated!

Drink plenty of water

You may be reading this with your arms crossed and your eyebrows high in the air, thinking “Well I drink LOTS of water, but I still get constipated!”

Drinking water guards against dehydration, which is important to the proper functioning of our colon. However, it doesn't prevent or cure constipation. Unless it has something to hold it in, water is simply drawn out of the colon back into the body.

Back in the days of my own chronic, horrid constipation, I found that drinking water wasn't enough.

You poo what you eat

Back to the reference of poop being rock like, these “stool stones” are formed by eating a diet low in fiber and high in sugars, starches and processed foods. We consume:

  • fast food meals
  • dairy products
  • microwave dinners
  • sugar crusted pastries from the local coffee shop

Our stool begins to form into a mega dense, bulky and painful form that is not easily dealt with. Constipation has arrived.

Physical constipation blues

When your body is sings the constipation blues, it probably sounds a lot like this:

  • I know I haven’t eaten much today but I just feel so full inside
  • I feel so nauseated, there’s no way I can eat anything

  • I’m having horrible stomach cramps
  • My gut feels so fat and extended

  • I feel so uncomfortable
  • Please go to the park without me, I just feel drained

Though the physical effects of constipation are the most focused upon, let’s not forget the mental effects of constipation.

Emotional constipation blues

  • I feel so frustrated that I can’t just go to the bathroom when I need to
  • My body feels so sluggish that it makes me feel depressed

  • I feel so irritable; I can’t relax without some kind of relief
  • I can’t think clearly, please leave me alone

  • I feel anxious and miserable
  • I’m just feeling sad

Singing your way to relief

Though this is a sad song, you can began to sing a brand new song of relief by doing just a few simple things to keep constipation from grabbing the microphone.

My favorite way to avoid AND treat constipation is magnesium, found in products like Epson Salt and Phillips Milk of Magnesia.

For long-term use, a magnesium supplement is best. Plus, taking a daily magnesium supplement offers numerous health benefits.

Hear those old blues fade away

It can be so much fun to tap into the amazing power of our bodies, one day at a time.

As we learn how to show love to our colons, the benefits can be astonishing.

  • Our mood can lighten up
  • Our spirit can begin singing
  • Our body as a whole, feeling blissfully at peace.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you find relief and guidance through our many wonderful articles, and I thank you for reading Constipation Blues. Hopefully you are now ready to leave your blues in the toilet where they belong, and smile.

By Stephanie

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