Constipation Herbal Tea
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Treat constipation naturally with constipation herbal tea. When in need of constipation relief, there are a multitude of products available to choose from. However, very few contain 100% natural ingredients.

When chemically produced ingredients are used to achieve constipation relief, they often come with side effects such as dehydration, uncomfortable cramping, and uncontrollable bowel movements.

For a 100% natural way to achieve constipation relief, consider drinking the herbal teas below. To enhance the flavor profile of these teas, feel free to add natural sweeteners such as honey or Stevia.

Constipation Herbal Tea - Tea Varieties

Peppermint herbal tea

Peppermint tea is not only a refreshing herbal tea, but it provides constipation relief when needed. Peppermint tea is available as a 100% peppermint blend, but is also available in blends with other complimentary herbs.

You can drink it hot, or you can add 4 tea bags to a 1 gallon pitcher of cold water, then place it in your fridge for a cold and refreshing summer tea.

Senna herbal tea

Just as with peppermint tea, senna tea is available as a pure blend, or with other complementary herbs. Senna is so effective at achieving constipation relief, that it is an FDA approved, nonprescription herb.

It is also a common ingredient in many over-the-counter constipation relief supplements. Senna stimulates a bowel movement by irritating the lining of your intestines—so it is common to experience mild to medium cramping when drinking senna herbal tea.

Because it can cause “lazy colon”, it is not recommended for regular use.

Ginger herbal tea

Ginger is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine. It is known for its distinct yet mild spicy flavor. Ginger is not only flavorful, but in its natural form aids in digestion—including digestion relief.

Ginger tea can be purchased in tea bags, or can be made at home by simmering a ½ tsp of fresh ginger in 8-10 ounces of water for 15 minutes.

Licorice root tea

While the name may sound familiar, licorice root tastes nothing like licorice candy. While licorice candy does contain licorice plant extract—it is quite different from the herbal tea made from its root.

In tea form licorice root not only provides constipation relief, but forms a protective lining in the stomach. This is ideal for anyone taking prescription medications that are known to damage the lining of the stomach.

Branded blends

If you go to the herbal aisle of any health food store you are sure to find branded herbal tea blends designed to provide constipation relief. Most of these blends contain a mixture of the herbs mentioned above.

As an added benefit, most tea blends in health food stores are organic. A few popular branded blends are:

  • Get Regular by Yogi Tea—This blend contains natural ginger root oil, natural cardamom seed oil, natural cinnamon bark oil and organic orange flavor.

  • Natural Laxative by Gaia—This blend contains senna, licorice root, caraway seed, fennel seed, lemon balm leaf, and mallow leaf.

  • Smooth Move by Traditional Medicinals—This blend contains senna, licorice root, bitter fennel, sweet orange peel, cinnamon bark, coriander, and orange peel oil.

  • Herbal Laxative by Triple Leaf Tea—This blend contains senna, mulberry leaf, magnolia bark, dandelion root, tangerine peel, Chinese licorice root, ho shou wu root, cherry pit seed, rhubarb root, and ginger root.

Boost Your Herbal Tea's Potential

Constipation Herbal Tea - make it incredible! While enjoying a cup of one of the herbal teas above, consider adding 6 to 12 drops of magnesium rich sea minerals

Sea minerals are a 100% natural alternative for achieving constipation relief. When added to tea, it can help you achieve a bowel movement faster than drinking tea alone. Sea minerals contain magnesium, which helps to pull water into the colon.

They also contain valuable trace minerals that most Americans do not get enough of in their daily diet. The magnesium in sea minerals provides constipation relief by:

  • Moistening stool
  • A moist stool means a softer stool
  • Moist stools are slicker
  • Moist stools are bulkier stools that help to promote the urge to go

    Whether constipation is sporadic or chronic, drinking herbal teas with a few drops of a magnesium rich sea minerals may have you regular in no time at all.

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