Constipation Tea Remedies

By Stephanie

Finding constipation tea remedies. There’s nothing quite so magical as walking into a tea house and seeing colorful glass jars full of exotic dry leaves sitting in every corner.

The heavenly aroma of freshly brewed tea leaves mixed with sugar, oriental spices and honey fills the air.

It seems that tea has always been a part our history, culture and lives.  In fact, each culture brings its own unique artistic creativity to the brewing of these amazing leaves.

Tea – the constipation super hero

What’s more amazing is that tea is so much more than just a soothing, aromatic, tasty drink.  

It is, in fact, the holder of tremendous health benefits. Our colon is one of the benefactors, as tea helps us fight the nasty foe of constipation.


However, too much of a good thing isn't so good. Tea is no exception.  Though it can help to pull us out of constipation’s doorway, too much can send us right back through.

Let’s look at the various teas that can help to bring constipation freedom.

Teas For Lighter Bouts of Constipation

Black & Green Tea

These are two of the better known constipation teas, yet are still effective in helping to get a compacted colon moving.  Both are filled with antioxidants, essential oils and polyphenols.

They can also aid digestion and help to reduce gas build-up in the colon.

Peppermint Tea

Considered “the stomach healer”, this delightful holiday brew can help the digestive track move like clockwork by aiding in the digestive process.

It can help to relieve constipation and diarrhea, as well as stomach aches.

Tulsi Tea

Originating in the Indian Sub-continent, this tea contains laxative like effects. It can help compacted stool to make an easier, less painful exit.

It is absolutely packed with free radical fighting anti-oxidants, and possesses an ability to help reduce stress.

Burdock Tea

Burdock tea originates from China. Helpful for constipation relief PLUS it battles inflammation and infection.

Licorice Tea

If you like black licorice candy you will absolutely love this constipation fighting brew!

Ginger Tea

The most potent form of this tea is created by steeping a ginger root. It helps with both constipation and digestion.

Fennel Tea

Possessing light licorice overtones, this is another tea that works hard in the digestive track to help show constipation to the door.

Constipation Tea Heavy Weights

Senna Tea

Don’t go too wild with this constipation tea as it is a laxative more potent than many over the counter laxative remedies.

This tea leaf contains sennosides, natural chemicals within the leaf which actually irritate the colon lining, creating a laxative like effect. Like other true laxatives, it can be habit forming.

Clove Tea

Originating from India, this tea is not one to be handled lightly.

With its manganese and enzyme peptides, this powerful leaf will work hard to clean the colon.

When Tea Constipates

After this overview of constipation blasting brews, its time to look at the dark side.

Caffeine in tea works in the colon to create a natural diarrheic, for soothing constipation relief.

However, most teas contain theophylline. If a person gets too much of this compound, it can cause constipation.

The key for less constipation is to drink not more than 300 mg. of caffeinated tea a day.

Finding the Perfect Brew

While some are experts at tea brewing, the rest of us simply know to dip a tea bag in hot water.

However, if you want to achieve the most potent, richest tasting and intoxicatingly healthy brews, here are two ways launch out beyond your standard grocery store line-up of teas.

  1. Jump online to locate your nearest tea shop
    These have pretty much every tea variety you can imagine.  Purchase the ones that strike your fancy.

    Next, use an inexpensive steeping ball. Fill it with a teaspoon of tea leaves and plop it into your mug of hot water.

    Let it rest for a few minutes to allow the water to absorb it’s full richness.

  2. Concoct your own special tea creations
    For example, purchase a ginger root at your local grocery store.  Shave it down and toss it into the hot water, along with a cinnamon stick and some vanilla for an added twist of yum!

    The ginger root will be dynamic in kicking that constipation overboard and the cinnamon stick will give your metabolism a sweet boost for better digestion.

My no-constipation secret

Most people enjoy some form of tea, and tea can help sing those constipation blues away.

However, when it comes to constipation relief I have found that magnesium is my best friend.

Magnesium works to keep stool hydrated and moving properly through the colon.

Moist stool is slick stool. I find that taking a daily mineral supplement rich in magnesium stops constipation from ever coming around.

Speaking of health benefits, magnesium is loaded with them.

Plus the sea mineral supplement I take contains numerous other valuable trace minerals. Talk about a healthy brew!

Other Constipation Tips

  1. A healthy and well-rounded diet is superb, especially when laced with fiber rich foods such as whole wheat bread and juicy figs.

  2. Keeping the body moving helps with over-all colon health.

  3. Just smile.  A good attitude and strong sense of optimism is genuinely one of the most powerful fighters against mental and physical distresses, which are linked with constipation.

Focus those eyes on the sunny side, drink a refreshing brew of constipation tea, and enjoy life. Thanks for reading.

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