Constipation Tips
5 ways to Win the Fight!

By Stephanie

Constipation tips. Constipation is a monsterMany times, however, this constipation ‘beast’ isn't your average monster that comes without warning, invading without cause. No.

Here are five tips to help keep the monster from coming in the first place.

Tip # 5 – We Have the Power!

The first tip is this: Except for rare medical conditions, we are the ones who ultimately decide whether constipation visits us, and we are the ones who decide how long it should stay.

Maybe you’re rolling your eyes, thinking: “How ridiculous! I don't welcome constipation.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but each and every time we make unhealthy food and drink choices, we are building and lighting up a nice little runway, inviting constipation to land.

Learning this tip gives us the power to win our epic battles with constipation, for it means that we have the power, and constipation does not!

Tip # 4 – Road Block Constipation

Constipation places a road block in our colon. Why not road block it first?

How? This is so cool, and so easy! To keep constipation far far away, I simply take a teaspoon of a magnesium rich mineral supplement.

This constipation tip is: Magnesium is the secret weapon against constipation.

Besides receiving numerous health benefits from magnesium, these beautiful liquid drops are packed full of valuable trace minerals. Plus it is so incredibly inexpensive to add to a daily regimen.

Ionic Sea Minerals work with the colon by drawing in water. This keeps stool soft and assists in its quick movement through and out of the colon.

My favorite way to take the sea minerals is to add a teaspoon to a liter of lemonade. I drink two liters of this concoction throughout my day.

This also assures that I avoid dehydration (a common cause of constipation) by drinking my 8 glasses of water a day.

Tip # 3 – Eat, Drink and be Regularly Merry!

Food. We love it. Food brings us nutrition, comfort, energy and many enjoyable moments with family and friends.  

However, the wrong types of food can also bring constipation woes. But do not fear!  There are ways to enjoy food and avoid constipation.

How?  By including a rich assortment of fiber filled foods.

Despite what many of us may visualize when we think of the word fiber (for instance, I picture bran cereal), there is actually a delicious array of options to satisfy both our palette and our colon.

  • Enjoy a hot, delicious Italian meal by incorporating whole wheat pasta instead of white, bleached pasta

  • For a little Mexican fiesta enjoy some fiber filled red beans with a little cheese on top

  • Pile high a sandwich with some lean turkey, lettuce and tomato on a couple slices of whole wheat bread 

  • For that sweet tooth, chomp on some dates, grapes or pears and sip some rich, thick, lush prune juice

  • For hot baked pastries, try mixing up some whole wheat flower pastry dough with some Stevia and bake in some soft dates, then sprinkle with a dash of confection sugar for an added kick

Constipation tip: with a little imagination, there are many delicious savory eats to be found packed to the hilt with fiber to save your gut from impending constipation doom.

Tip # 2 – Now Dance!

Now that your system is brimming full of good things, its time to kick your body into high gear and really make things happen!

Exercise and movement in general are priceless in assisting movement in the colon. It helps to strengthen core abdominal muscles, plus it helps gravity to move stool downwards toward the rectum.

Looking back, I can count numerous moments where, though I put all the right stuff in my mouth, my colon still decided to move at a frustratingly slow pace. That is, until I got up and moved!

So dance to a favorite song or go on a quick walk.

As exercise increases blood flow, gets muscles moving and adrenaline flowing, it elevates the mood, making for an over-all happier you.

Tip # 1 – Monitor your Poo!

My number one constipation tip is this: catch constipation before it has a chance to get worse.

This sounds simple enough, but how often we can shrug off our lack of bowel movements over a series of days, since there are no physical alarms of pain or distress?

This is unfortunately why so many of us get into those more painful stages of constipation woes.

I can remember in my epic battles against irregularity how I made this mistake over and over again, and paid so dearly for it later.

By not treating my lack of bowel movements more seriously when they would first begin, I sentenced myself to gut wrenching painful episodes on the toilet that could have so easily been avoided had I pampered my colon more lovingly a day or two before.

If you have gone two days or more without seeing a bowel movement, take the constipation tips listed above and nip constipation in the bud before it escalates out of control.

Now, take a nice, peaceful, deep breath and smile.

You are in control of your colon. You have power over constipation. You are the ruler of your body.

So give your colon some love, tell yourself you’re worth it, and let your colon know how valuable it is by treating it well.

May your guts be light, and your stomach be happy.  As always, thank you for reading!

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