A Diet to Overcome Constipation

By Stephanie
Diet to overcome constipation

Hold the breaks!  Before you read further, you’re probably here because your system isn't acting quite right and your colon is being a little stubborn lately; would I be correct?  

This is, after all, a constipation site.

A failed plan

Maybe you’re used to taking a complicated mess of things to keep your system flowing freely and you stopped on this page to add to your list of relief possibilities?  

Well, I couldn't be more excited to share with you the smoothest and most basic answer to your regularity needs. The answer is the power of diet to overcome constipation.

Temporary fixes

See, a lot of constipation remedies out there are rather like little band aids temporarily fixing a very big problem.

Truth be told, when you get constipated, your body is crying out deep from within…no, it’s screaming. It needs some loving from the outside in. It needs the right food to properly carry out its function of taking out the trash.  

So how can we use diet to overcome constipation, not just temporarily, but for good?  I’m so glad you asked, because I’m the girl who can tell you.


Drinking more water

First of all, just like any good irrigation system, you need a good amount of water to make everything else work effectively.

If you are one of those people that hates the taste of water, add some flavoring, brew some tea, mix in a little lemonade for flavor.  Do what you need to do to increase your H20 drinking life style.

A healthy diet

The next step in a diet to overcome constipation is our favorite part, food.  

Now most people might assume that eating a healthy diet is the simple answer to your constipation woes…not quite.

Yes, eating healthy is a key to giving your body all that it needs, but in the realm of your colon, sometimes it needs a little extra push to go.

But a healthy diet failed me

I am one of those people who has lived my life rarely going a month without getting constipated. I thought to myself, ”Surely eating all of these great foods will make my constipation go away for good!”  

I began to go hard core healthy with what I ate.  Basically, I ate a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and really cut down on my sugar.

As my first healthy week rounded out, I was quite stopped up.

Now please don’t be frustrated when you hear this. There is a reason to the back-up of constipation, and I am going to give you the map to colonic health.  Ready?


Dried out poop

Alright, so here is the bare bones on constipation. In most cases, constipation is simply the lack of moisture in your poop. There you have it. Dried out poop.

So what was I doing wrong?  How is one supposed to skip along the road of health without the pit falls of stubborn bowl movements?  I’m glad you asked!  


Looking back at my own healthy eating experiment, the beginning of my woes began with the over-indulgence of coffee.

Coffee is a dehydrator (dehydration means dry poo).  

If you’re going to drink coffee throughout the week, make sure you consume two cups of water to every one cup of coffee you drink. This simple little trick will let you still enjoy your favorite wake up brew…and poop happily.

Cooked vegetables

Secondly, yes, I consumed a large amount of vegetables; however, the majority of them were cooked.

Cooked vegetables means loss of fibrous material to help push your poop through, which renders your bowels to a sluggish and frustrating stand still.

Fiberless protein

Thirdly, I was a protein crazy woman.  Mind you, it was the lean healthy kind you’re supposed to eat, but foods such as eggs, dairy and red meats lack the fiber necessary to help your poop process through.

Did I mention red meats take longer to digest? They can take up to 72 hours just to get through your system.

Wow.  So what is one to do with all of this information?  Here are my quick, personal and awesomely effective recommendations just for you, so you can have your healthy foods and poo too.


Raw Vegetables

Try to incorporate as many raw vegetables as possible into your daily eats.  Carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower are a few familiar choices in a diet to overcome constipation

The right choice of fruits

Next, eat some go go colon fruits.  Great colon go fruits include grapes, dates, papaya and, of course, prunes.

Limit those apples and bananas though…those are perfect for achieving the opposite effect. Eat those if diarrhea is harassing you and they will thicken your stool right up.

Don’t overload on nuts and seeds

Continuing on, nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are a tempting munchy when you’re trying to eat healthy, but eating a lot of them will make you constipated, so proceed with caution.

Also, my experience with snacking for days on pumpkin seeds taught me that they not only constipate you but they can make your stool very sharp…ouch).

Better snack choices

Instead of eating a mountain of nuts and seeds, pop some raisins or dip some whole wheat pretzels in some high cultured yogurt or cheese.


Magnesium, the silver bullet

Finally, enjoy your proteins and your other favorite foods with my favorite form of constipation relief: Ionic Sea Minerals.

Ionic Sea Minerals are packed full of magnesium, which effectively helps to draw water into your colon to keep your poop nice and soft. Magnesium also offers numerous other benefits.

A sweet bonus 

Also, Ionic Sea Minerals are packed full of many of great nutritious bonuses that can dramatically boost your immune system.

Taking a teaspoon a day of this affordable and effective product will not only keep the constipation at bay, but will also make the rest of your body feel mighty fine as well.

Conclusion, diet to overcome constipation

Trying to find a diet to overcome constipation can be frustrating, if not even a bit intimidating at times, but take it from a veteran; drink your water, take your magnesium and eat your fiber and constipation won’t have a colon left to sit on…well, you know what I mean. You've discovered a diet to overcome constipation.

So dear friends, may your colons be happy, may your spirits be happy, and may you have a most fabulous day as you leave. As always, thank you for stopping by and reading.

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