Dog Constipation Remedy
The Answer We've Waited For!

Why do we need a dog constipation remedy? Have you ever been constipated? I have. I still have vivid memories of:

  • Waiting and wanting something to “happen”
  • The straining
  • The feeling it was just too large to pass
  • The slow, painful elimination

I remember wishing that this wouldn't happen again, but it always did. But you can stop this from happening to your dog.


Avoid cramping and stomach pain

Most constipation remedies are stimulants that tell the muscles around the bowels to constrict and cramp to get the stool moving. 

  • They can cause more pain than the constipation
  • This painful cramping can cause damage to the colon

Why do this to your dog? There’s a better way.

Are enemas the solution? Do you like getting an enema? Have you ever tried to give a dog an enema. Not fun. And not fun for your dog.

A better solution that works WITH nature

A saline laxative works differently than stimulants. It works by pulling a large amount of water into the small intestine.

  • It stimulates a natural movement of food into the colon

  • The added fluid makes the stool soft and loose, making elimination easier

  • It stretches the walls of the colon, making it easier for the stool to pass through

  • It can result in a gentle urge to go

Magnesium, a Great Saline Laxative

Magnesium works as a dog constipation remedy in 2 ways

  1. It relaxes muscles within the intestines, allowing stool to pass through.

  2. It pulls water into the colon, making the stool softer and easier to pass.

No negative side effects

Doctors have found that the correct dose of a magnesium laxative has no side effects. Hospitals use it to clean the colon before surgery.

If you give your dog too much, it can cause upset tummy and diarrhea. However, my experience is that you can pretty much control the bowel by adjusting the amount of magnesium.

Non habit forming

Stimulant laxatives can be habit forming, so that you can’t have a bowel movement without them, and at the same time they become less and less effective with use.

Not so with magnesium laxatives. Magnesium is non habit forming, but will continue to soften the stool and give easy elimination year after year. The perfect dog constipation remedy.

A Daily Magnesium Supplement
may Prevent Constipation

Two common magnesium laxatives on the market are Milk of Magnesia and Epson Salts. The active ingredient in both is magnesium. But wait. I know of a better way!

By giving your dog a daily magnesium supplement, you prevent constipation instead of constantly trying to cure it.

Most dogs and their owners don’t get enough magnesium. Therefore a daily magnesium supplement can be very beneficial.

Magnesium has important health benefits

  • It is important for strong bones and teeth

  • It is needed for healthy nerves, muscles and cell membranes

  • It helps the body manufacture protein

  • It is a regulator for other minerals and for hormones

  • The heart and other muscles need it to function

  • It helps with oxygen absorption in the blood, meaning more energy and less fatigue

Magnesium may help these health problems

  • Kidney stones – it helps them dissolve

  • Relaxes blood vessels which can help reduce headaches

  • Helps improve bladder control, which means fewer scoldings

Milk of Magnesia and Epson Salts are not designed to be magnesium supplements. They are generally less safe than magnesium supplements, and shouldn't be used on a regular basis.

Ionic Sea Minerals for Constipation

Diane and I   She's my wife and the love of my life

In 2006 my wife and I discovered a mineral supplement called Ionic Sea Minerals. A teaspoon has just over 100% of the US RDA of Magnesium. Plus it is also quite low sodium.

Imagine our surprise when in a day or two our constipation troubled bowels were experiencing normal, soft elimination. We didn't know it was good for constipation. We were taking it for the trace minerals.

We have taken Ionic Sea Minerals daily ever since. It brought an END to our constipation. Hallelujah! Plus it's magnesium offers numerous other benefits. And yes, it works as a dog constipation remedy, too.

Daily replacement of electrolytes

Any laxative, including magnesium laxatives, can cause needed electrolytes to be flushed from the body. Not only does Ionic Sea Minerals help to regulate the bowels, but it constantly replenishes electrolytes. 

Without the binding effect of calcium

Some magnesium supplements also contain calcium. Calcium has a binding effect, which can negate the laxative effect of magnesium. Ionic Sea Minerals has almost no calcium. Perhaps that’s one reason it works so well.

A daily magnesium supplement for better health

There are many tens of thousands of people in the USA alone who take Ionic Sea Minerals as their daily mineral supplement. Many of them take it just to be sure they have daily bowel movements. 

According to Dr. Sircus

  • Magnesium is becoming the fastest-growing mineral supplement in the United States.

  • An increased level of magnesium in cells can greatly lower a person's chance of getting diabetes or cancer, plus reduce the chance of stroke, heart disease and numerous other neurological disorders.

  • When a person's body doesn't have enough magnesium, it can't properly utilize carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

  • Magnesium is the very best medical solution for constipation.

According to the book “Constipation Help” by Virginia Sturm,

  • A magnesium constipation treatment is the only way to go

  • It is one of the easiest currently available

  • One dose gives you a normal, pain free bowel movement within hours

  • It involves no straining, no cramping, just a gentle urge to go

Good news! If it’s good for us, it’s also an excellent dog constipation remedy!

Valuable trace minerals for better health

Ionic Sea Minerals supplies valuable trace minerals that most people just don't get enough of. Chances are, it will help make your dog healthier. Plus it might eliminate constipation. 

Ionic Sea Minerals are quite inexpensive

For a 30 pound dog, an 8 ounce bottle of Ionic Sea Minerals as a dog constipation remedy will last more than 7 months. That’s less than $2.50 a month. When you purchase the economy size, it is less than 75 cents a month.

A Healthier, Happier Dog

Just picture your dog with no more constipation problems.

No more straining to eliminate.

Picture a healthier dog, more full of life, with more vim, vigor and vitality.

Picture yourself saving money - pay as little as 65 cents a month for a 30 lb. dog.

Don’t wait. Get a bottle today for and experience
this dog constipation remedy for yourself.

Get yours now!

The daily dose as a dog constipation remedy is the dose same as for people.

  • 1 drop for every 1.5 lbs. of body weight (use the convenient refillable dropper bottle)

  • If your dog weighs 10 lbs. the daily dose is only 7 drops

  • Larger dogs get 1 ml per 30 lbs. of weight

  • For a very LARGE dog, 5 ml (1 tsp.) for every 150 or 160 pounds

If your dog’s bowels get too loose taking the regular dose, back off a little. If they are still a little tight, give a little more.

Kidney disease

If a dog has kidney disease, it may not be able to excrete the daily dose of magnesium. Please check with your vet first before you start giving a daily dose to your dog.

Dilute to avoid a bitter taste

Ionic Sea Minerals in your dog’s drinking water may actually improve the taste. But if given in concentrated form, it is bitter. If you want to give your dog a special treat, give it to him in milk, preferably raw milk that has the enzymes to digest the milk.

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