Foods to Relieve Constipation

By Stephanie

Foods to relieve constipation. Once upon a time, there lived a young child who LOVED eating very bad, constipation evoking foods, and in particular, sugary treats.

This child was me and, needless to say, I was a very constipated child for most of my young and stubborn life. Like most children, I wasn't particularly gung ho about eating healthier foods at the time.

Even as adults, most of us still aren't that into eating healthy foods. We would still rather eat our sugar, white bread and red meat treats without condemnation over it from our colons; you and I both know the sad, constipated truth that they bring.

What if I told you there's some surprisingly delicious treats in the fresh food department that remain not only palatable, adult and kid friendly, but uncannily superb for winning over constipation?

Would you believe me?

Well, when it comes to constipation, we all probably have a good idea for what foods to avoid; but do we know what foods to relieve constipation will actually help us…poop? Do we know what foods can actually relieve our present constipated state?

Your silence answered my question. Keep reading this short article and you will come away feeling quite wise in the world of colon relief. However, don’t let this wisdom go to your head; it’s meant to help your intestines, remember?

Continuing on, "food groups” is slightly too vague a term for what we need to answer these questions. For instance, I can’t just tell you to eat fruit because bananas that are more on the raw side will actually cause your system to be constipated.

That blew my mind.

My Top 10 Foods for Killing Constipation

If you want to attack your constipation with laser accuracy, I’m about to give you the top ten foods to enjoy your way to colonic freedom.  Ready?  Here we go:

# 10) Whole Grains

Growing up a chronically constipated child, my mom and dad had me on a morning bowl of Raisin Bran and it turns out they knew what they were doing. It was one of those foods to relieve constipation.

The food we eat plays an important role in proper bowel function. Let’s look at how foods affect constipation. Foods may be grouped loosely into various types based on how they are digested.

# 9) Figs

I've always loved figs. They’re almost brown sugary sweet and made me feel as though I was chomping down on a thick piece of taffy.

Hurrah for a ‘sweet’ that actually relieves constipation instead of causing it!

# 8) Pineapple 

Oh man, can this get any better? Put up your beach umbrella and enjoy a thick, tropical slice of pineapple for sweet constipation relief.

This fruit is one of the greats to help lure constipated children to relief as well.

# 7) Peaches 

If you’re a southern gent or bell like me, this delicious juicy piece of heaven won’t be hard for you to find.

Take a huge bite of this peachy wonder and feel your system thanking you.

# 6) Beans 

When you think beans, two things probably come to your mind: Great Mexican food and…gas.

Well, the latter isn't tons of fun but it sure beats the constipation blues.

Beans are one of my favorite, versatile meal options.

Fix them the right way and they are excellent for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and most types of beans fit into the foods to relieve constipation category.

# 5) Carrots

Get crisper vision, happy bowels and a little Beta-Carotene all in one with this snappy snack. I always loved playing Bugs Bunny and eating a carrot as a kid, it made me feel really cool.

Show your kids how great these jewels are by putting them in their lunch; they’ll love the sweet taste of a happy tummy.

# 4) Flaxseeds 

Chew a spoon of these crunchy seeds or grind them up and sprinkle over your cereal.

Either way, they’ll provide your system with fantastic assistance to regularity.

You can also grind the seeds into a fine powder and stir into any drink. This is my preference but each person has different taste.

# 3) Broccoli 

For most of us, broccoli isn't our favorite of foods to relieve constipation. However, it certainly is a good option.

I find it to be an awesome side of goodness when I eat out a lot, especially with a little butter for flavor.

Broccoli is also a great Vitamin B9 treat for your body.

# 2) Pears 

These are one of my all-time favorite fruits. Even as a child, this sugary, fleshy treat was a delicious snack.

When you can have flavor and regularity all in one, why wouldn't you go diving into that first juicy bite?

# 1) Prunes 

Some like these purple, fruity gems, some don’t. But one thing is for sure, they give one incredible fight on behalf of your colon!

Once again, they’re sweet like me, so I love them.

I can’t get over what an easy, portable snack they make at work or school, or anywhere for that matter.

Prune juice is another great form of this constipation super food, so drink up and pass a swig to your kid!

In Colonic Conclusion

As it turns out, nature is a wonderful provider of good things to make our systems work like a dream. There are many other foods to relieve constipation, but these are great starters and my personal favorites.

For a little extra help in going, Ionic Sea Minerals make for a great partner to your colon. This magnesium rich supplement will get your gut happy fast and give your immunity system some incredible help as well. Plus magnesium has other health benefits.

They are my personal favorite for quick constipation relief.

In closing, healthy eating pays off in big ways for our body, and these nutrient rich foods will most definitely prove their worth in the long run when it comes to constipation relief.

So take a couple big bites for me and enjoy the smooth ride to colon health. As always, thank you so much for reading.

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