8 Fruits for Constipation Relief

By Stephanie

Fruits for constipation – what a great idea! I find it can work almost as well as magnesium for immediate and ongoing constipation relief.

Did our ancient ancestors ever get constipated?

Long, long ago…before the ages of enemas, colonics, stool softeners and other constipation remedies, our ancestors most certainly had days where things just weren't moving correctly down in the internal pipes.

No doubt our ancestors had their own share of painful constipation.

With the large quantities of red meats that were consumed at that time, my guess is that they had to run into their share of sluggish colon.

Thankfully, the good Lord must have known this would be a problem, and he covered the earth with a natural and very powerful constipation remedy - fruit.

Speaking From Experience

I've had a lot of experience with constipation, and that crummy sensation of being stopped up.  I know how it feels to not be able to relieve yourself when you need to.

It can be pretty frustrating.

After all, constipation does affect the entire body.

When you remain in such physical distress it can affect your very outlook on life

Easy or hard. Which will you choose? 

What I've discovered (and you can take it from me as one who knows), there are happy methods to constipation relief.

There are also grueling and unpleasant methods to constipation relief.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have always preferred the road of lesser evils.

And when it came down to ridding my body of stubborn, dried up stool, I preferred it be accomplished with as little pain as possible.

Eating fruit is an easy way

I love eating fruits for constipation relief. Fortunately, certain fruits are super stars for natural constipation relief.

Okay, so here’s the breakdown. Fruits are natural. They have a lot of fiber. Plus, they are loaded with vitamins that our bodies need.

For most of us, eating fruit when your bowls are sluggish is a good thing to do.

That’s all well and good, but we are a generation who want THE BEST. We want to know the most phenomenal solutions so we can achieve success faster than ever. Right?

So let’s get right to it. What are the most powerful fruits to bring about the quickest constipation relief available?


1) Limes

When it’s cold out, cozy up to a mug of soothing hot water and squeeze half a lime’s worth of juice into it, than top the mixture off with a half a teaspoon of salt.

Stir it all together and enjoy a sip of comforting colon soothing relief!

2) Oranges 

Eat one of these refreshing fruit jewels just before bed and then again for breakfast for some serious bowel stimulation.

The pulp works as an excellent scrubbing agent to your backed up colon walls.

3) Guava 

These seedy little treats will provide the roughage your colon needs to carry out its “duty”.

Eat one or two of these treats per day for a clean scrubbed colon even the navy would be proud of.

4) Papaya 

Eating half of one of these orange, refreshing and sweet fleshy fruits in the morning will deliver a laxative effect and will usher in some easy and quick constipation freedom to your system by the end of the day.

5) Figs 

These Middle Eastern and Mediterranean little gems will deliver in a big way with a similar laxative effect. (A great snack to sneak into the movie theatre even on a backed up date.)

6) Pears

By eating one or two of these a day, these easy to obtain sweet treats will quickly turn your colon movement switch to the on position and bring your system back to running order before you know it.

7) Grapes 

Okay, grapes are sweet, crisp, refreshing and so addictively fun to eat, there’s no hesitation with these guys.

So go grab a bag and start enjoying their cellulose, sugar and organic acid properties.

The casing of the grape provides your colon with fiber rich roughage that acts as a great tool for picking up the “trash” your food has left behind.

8) Bael Fruit 

No, not Beowulf.  Bael fruit is a fleshy white pulpy fruit which you eat similarly to that of a grapefruit.

This somewhat foreign but fun fruit provides your system with natural constipation relief.

(And you can look really impressive eating such an unknown fruit.)

There you have it!  If you’re looking for the fast track to natural fruit constipation relief, enjoy the above blueprint to guide you along the fruit isle.

WARNING: Not All Fruits are Created Equally 

Now please don’t leave this article with a skip in your step, ready to demolish every fruit in the produce isle. Though I admire your zeal, not all fruits will relieve your constipation.

In fact, our friends the apple and the banana actually act as a thickening agent to our stool.

So step with caution, and try to adhere to the convenient list provided above for optimal colonic relief.


As the caregiver of your body, making it healthy, strong and vivacious will not only prolong your life, but will in fact give you a much happier existence.

When your colon hits a sluggish point of no return, it’s telling you in its own quiet way, that “Something needs changed, and quick!”

Like an inner alarm system it lets you know your system has fallen out of sink and is no longer functioning optimally.

I think it is absolutely amazing that our bodies are designed the way that they are.

Giving our systems the healthy foods needed to thrive while lavishing some love on them will cause them to ultimately fall in love with us. And who doesn't love being loved?

Show your body some love

One great way to love your body is to give it a daily dose of magnesium.

Did you know that most Americans only get about half of the recommended amount?

Not only can magnesium raise energy levels, it also helps prevent AND treat constipation by pulling more water into the colon.

The magnesium I take is a daily mineral supplement that not only provides needed magnesium, but other minerals so needed by the body.

Plus it’s cheap!

You can purchase it for as little as $2.75 a month.

In the words of Anthony Robbins,

"The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body.
The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more
you will use your talent to produce outstanding results."

From one colon to another, may you find optimal health and never feel quenched for life…or pooping!  And once again, thanks for reading.

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