Heartburn Constipation
Causes and Solutions

By Stephanie

Heartburn constipation is not fun, since heartburn can be like a miniature geyser shooting off inside, spraying burning, putrid liquid and gasses into the throat. When it’s occurring, your stomach feels like a reckless, never-ending ocean of this hot liquid hell.

Though we are all know that heartburn is related to stress, let’s see a show of hands for those who knew it could also be related to constipation.

Well, since I can’t see your hands, I’m guessing that most didn't know this. Let’s examine how these two health hazards are connected.

A backed up digestive system

When our colon is backed up, or when we eat too much and overload our digestive system, things slow way down. This can give rise to heartburn, as contents of the tummy find their way back up into the throat.

However, there are deeper connections between constipation and heartburn.

The stress of constipation

Ok, it is true that constipation can be a stressful. Going days without a bowel movement and feeling the stifling and groggy implications of this can be quite grueling, both physically and mentally.

Our gut plays an important part in our body. When it is out of whack it can cause a domino effect throughout the entire body. For instance, 

  • When constipation becomes severe, we might not feel like eating or even drinking

  • This can cause weight loss and dehydration

  • Lack of nutrition and dehydration can then cause mental fatigue and muscular weakness

  • This can eventually lead to total shut down. I am referring to being bedridden.

Constipation can be the vicious culprit of this domino effect.

Connecting the dots to heartburn

Is it any wonder that the physical stress of a stopped up bowel can cause heartburn constipation’s cruel reign to begin? But it doesn't stop there. Some theorize that all symptoms, physical and mental alike, all begin in the mind.

Yes, stress can bring about constipation, even when we eat the right foods. Does this sound crazy? But sadly, it’s true.

The power of the two brains

Did you know we have two brains in our bodies?  One is in the head, always there to oversee each and every function of our lives. But it isn't the only big brain in charge.

Our GI system, or more affectionately known as our gut, is the second brain in command.

Our two "brains" work together

It is so powerful, in fact, that it remains in constant communication with the brain, similar to that of your left arm’s relationship with your right arm.

These two “brains” are so in sync that if one brain feels pain, the other will feel it as well, even if it’s just sympathy pain.

How stress in the GI tract causes heartburn

The theory is that heartburn can actually be brought about when either brain is sensing abnormal stress. For instance, if you are mentally stressed more than usual, you can develop constipation and heartburn seemingly without cause.

Likewise, when you are constipated, it can affect your mental brain and cause sudden heartburn constipation. I think this is pretty amazing.

How to stop the domino madness

First and foremost, before one can solve a problem, they must pin down the culprit.

Is mental stress bogging you down?  If so, find ways to sooth your mind. Listen to soft music, sip hot chamomile tea and watch the clouds float by for a moment. As your mental stress subsides, your physical ailments should follow suite.

Dealing with stress caused by constipation

If mental stress is originating with constipation, a dose of magnesium can usually alleviate it. Plus, magnesium offers numerous health benefits.

Next, eat some delicious whole wheat foods, drink a big glass of water and then go take a leisurely stroll down the street for a few minutes. When I follow these steps, I have found that constipation relief can come knocking in less than an hour, and my heartburn relief can come with it.

Need a little extra help to keep stress induced heartburn constipation at bay?  Try eating some asparagus, which is full of Folic Acid and Vitamin B which can assist in not only stabilizing your mood, but raising it as well.

For a kick of fiber against those nasty constipation assaults, enjoy some high fiber blueberries, which by the way, are also full of antioxidants for supreme health.

(For quick heartburn relief without taking pills
or eating chalk tasting tablets, try eating 
a ribbon of mustard from the fridge.
Mustard is a quick, effective and non-addictive 
solution to heartburn woes)

Breathe in some sweet peace

Since our bodies are holistic, each part affects the other. Yes, it can be a trying world to live in, with its various stresses and high pressure scenarios constantly affecting us both mentally and physically. But there are ways to overcome it.

Find a peaceful place and ward off impending stress. Take a deep breath and stop for a moment. Take back control by acknowledging the reasons behind the stressors, and then plan a strategy for dealing with them.

Remember that first and foremost, the greatest battle rages within our minds and hearts, and from there all else follows. Our greatest need is to find inner peace. With this accomplished, we can conquer the world.

Have a very blessed and peaceful day, find some relief for heartburn constipation, and once again, thank you for reading.

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