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By Stephanie

Home remedies constipation ideas. Home sweet home! It’s the place of warm cozy fires, delicious homemade food and people that love us.

When constipation comes a knocking, it’s no surprise we look to the home front for our fixes before anywhere else.

After all, who wants to venture to a doctor, deal with traffic, scrape to pay a doctor bill, and be utterly exhausted when there’s no need to do so. You can vanquish constipation without leaving home!

Home Remedies Constipation Launch Pad 

You wake up on your Saturday morning off and you’re feeling miserable from a backed up colon. And ugh, it’s pouring the rain.

You look in your medicine cabinet, but there are no laxatives in sight, and nothing else that promises to bring some constipation relief.

Suddenly the doorbell rings and hark, it's your sister dropping by, bringing you a batch of her home made whole grain muffins filled with chopped figs and topped with crushed flax seed.

Speaking of homemade food for fighting constipation! Let’s see what else is cooking in sis’s kitchen.

Foods for Relieving Constipation 

Foods high in fiber are an excellent place to start in one’s search for home remedies constipation relief.

Fiber helps to bulk up stool to stimulate an urge to go, and works like a sponge to hold water and keep stool moist.

  • Whole wheat foods such as whole wheat pasta and bread are a delicious way to get fiber.

  • For natural constipation relief, fruits such as fresh peaches, berries, pears, grapes, dates, figs and melon are wonderful.

  • Get some good old fashioned roughage in your gut by eating some raw cauliflower and broccoli. For flavor top it with a bit of coconut oil, salt and pepper.

  • Juice a nice assortment of veggies and fruit.  Try a mixture of apple, pineapple, celery and lemon juice to get things sliding!

  • Beans and lentils are fabulous for a natural home remedies constipation relief.  Mix up a red bean salad with tuna and spice or enjoy a Mexican effect with refried beans spread over whole wheat pita bread and sprinkled with cheese, tomatoes and hot peppers.

A Little Movement Goes a Long Way

Just as you finish your second whole wheat muffin, your Uncle Merle drops in, flinging the door open. He's come to get your help to push his stalled car.

When you’re constipated, getting the body in motion can really help. When you move, your colon moves and anything trapped within it will get a signal that it should be moving too.

By the time you get home an hour later from helping Uncle Merle, things are feeling a little bit different down below. But still, no go.  So what now?

Drinking Party!

Grandma takes a look at you and instinctively realizes the problem. She springs into action.

Without a word, she pinches your check and begins rummaging through your kitchen cabinets. She finds a dusty bottle of apple cider vinegar that she gave to you years back, and pulls it out.

She fills a large glass with water, adds two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a squeeze of lemon juice, and hands it to you.

At first you cringe at the strong and sour smell, but grandma knows best, so you tip it up and guzzle it down.

The combination of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are like miracle workers for constipation. The apple cider vinegar goes to work in the gut to assist in digesting those yet undigested morsels.

The lemon juice acts as a laxative. The two together are one powerful duo!

Avoiding Junk Food

There’s a knock at the door and there stands little Susie from next door, selling donuts for a school fundraiser.

They look good, so you grab your wallet and buy one.  As you close the door, grandma approaches and smiles, looking at the donut. You hand it over and she gives you a bowl full of grapes in it's place.

When fighting for relief from constipation, sugar, starches,

proteins and processed foods are best avoided. Give

your colon a chance to deal with what it already has,

or you are sentencing yourself to more misery.

Gut Ready to Rumble!

Suddenly the whole family arrives, carting in dishes, drinks and laughter.

As the music plays and people dance about, your gut tells you it's time.

You run to the bathroom and sit down on the porcelain throne, not bothering to remove the kiddy stool parked straight in front of it.

Studies show that elevating your legs so that you are sitting in a squat like position on the toilet places your muscles in a perfect position for unhindered relief.

Success! Goodbye Constipation!

Leaving the bathroom, you quickly light a candle and walk out with a huge smile. Feeling like a brand new person, you join the party.

How to stop constipation permanently

When it comes to home remedies constipation relief I have found that magnesium is my best friend.

Magnesium works to keep stool moist and moving properly through the colon. Moist stool is slick stool.

I find that taking a daily mineral supplement rich in magnesium stops constipation from ever coming around. Plus magnesium comes with numerous health benefits.

The sea mineral supplement I take contains many valuable trace minerals that help to keep my body healthy.


Though not all situations are the same, most of the time by following a few simple tricks, you can almost effortlessly take your body into constipation relief without all of the store bought laxatives, oils and tricks.

Take it from one who knows, I have been constipated more times than I can count, particularly in my adolescent years.

Just by being conscientious and using some smarts, you can blissfully glide through life constipation free.

There are tons of amazing and healthy recipes online, packed full of fiber and colon loving things, not to mention taste, so take advantage!

Do what you need to do to have a healthy colon, take advantage of these home remedies constipation ideas, but have fun while doing it.  And as always, thanks for reading!

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