Home Hemorrhoid Treatment

By Paul Schneider Jr

To understand why a home hemorrhoid treatment can be so successful, you may find it helpful to understand what a hemorrhoid is. Hemorrhoids are special blood vessels in the lower rectum and anus that help protect muscles that close the opening from being damaged, plus they help those muscles in sealing off the rectum.

They are only a problem when they become inflamed. What causes hemorrhoid inflammation? Anything that applies downward pressure on the rectum, such as:

  • Straining to defecate

  • Large stool applying pressure

  • Pressure and irritation from diarrhea

  • Unsupported downward pressure from sitting on the stool too long

  • For a pregnant woman, the weight of the baby applying downward pressure

An easy solution to hemorrhoids

Researchers have found that straining to defecate and the passing of over sized stool is the primary cause of hemorrhoids. In other words, when you solve your bowel problems, most all hemorrhoids just disappear. I speak from experience. I used to have chronic problems with hemorrhoids.

Then in 2006 I came across something that got rid of my constipation for good. Almost immediately my hemorrhoid problems were gone. I believe it's an effective home hemorrhoid treatment.

Food and Hemorrhoids

Foods that cause constipation

There are certain foods that tend to cause us to be constipated. The first step for long-term relief of constipation is to be aware of which foods tend to stop us up, and then to avoid these.

Foods that relieve constipation

There are also certain foods that tend to relieve constipation.

  • As you might guess, these are foods high in fiber, like fruits and vegetables, fiber cereals, fiber bars, and healthy fats and oils.

  • Keeping hydrated (drinking plenty of water) is also an important element.

  • Yes, fiber does play a key role in conquering constipation, as do probiotics.

The problem is, for most of us, it just isn't that easy to change our eating habits. However, a healthy diet is something that most Americans should work at improving
, not just as a home hemorrhoid treatment but to improve other aspects of our health.

Constipation was gone

I mentioned above that in 2006 I ran across something, quite by accident, that ended my problem with constipation and hemorrhoids. My wife and I started taking a daily sea mineral supplement for the benefit of the trace minerals. It had ionic minerals, which are readily available to the body.

What we didn't know is that the magnesium in this supplement was the solution for our constipation, plus had numerous other benefits. Within a day or two we were both having soft, barely formed bowel movements.

We would take the supplement in the evening before bed, and within an hour of waking up in the morning here came that welcome urge to go, we went, and in less than 10 seconds after sitting down we were done, except for the paperwork.

The most amazing thing is that this mineral supplement is designed to be taken every day. For us this meant a daily solution for constipation.

Best home hemorrhoid treatment

What is the best home hemorrhoid treatment? It is something that keeps your stool soft and small, and something that puts an end to straining when going to the bathroom.

I don’t know of anything that accomplishes this like the magnesium in Ionic Sea Minerals. Within a few days my internal hemorrhoid was gone for good.

Since 2006 my wife and I have taken the sea minerals daily. I used to have to push so hard, but not any more. No wonder it is so good for getting rid of hemorrhoids.

Our daughter's story

Our daughter battled with extreme constipation most of her childhood. She has tried most everything on the market to find relief. Here is her account concerning the sea minerals.

Sea Minerals Can Transform Health

Those living with HIV

I have seen the health of so many people transformed with sea minerals. In my mission work in Africa, we have given sea minerals to children with AIDS, and seen their AIDS symptoms vanish in 8 weeks.

Many people who take them notice an increase in energy in just a few days. With just ½ tsp. a day, my elderly father-in-law saw the strength return to his arthritic hands.

Chickens and dairy cattle

We have had commercial chicken houses (240,000 chickens) add them to the drinking water of their chickens, and the chicken death rate dropped by half. We've seen dairy cattle fertility rates increase dramatically by taking the minerals.

Scientific research

Dr. Maynard Murray devoted 30 years trying to find out why there was no disease in ocean animals, while their lake and stream based relatives were riddled with disease. His conclusion: it is that they live in a perfect mineral environment.

Dr. Murray went on to grow crops with sea minerals, then feed the crops to laboratory test animals with various health conditions. Many of these health conditions greatly lessened or disappeared for the test group whose food was grown with sea minerals.

Even mice that were injected with carcinogens didn't get cancer, while the control group were all dead in 5 weeks.

My new life mission

  • I have started a mission organization, Aid the Children, with the goal of getting these minerals to many thousands of people in Africa and elsewhere that live with HIV.

  • Another aspect of my mission is to see farmers and gardeners fertilize their crops with these concentrated sea minerals.

  • Finally, I am telling people about them on this website, believing that it may be the answer to their constipation problems, plus a good home hemorrhoid treatment.

We make these minerals available in a large economy size for less than three dollars a month. We believe this is within the reach of most everyone.

Conclusion, home hemorrhoid treatment

The magnesium in Ionic Sea Minerals could very likely be the answer to your constipation. When the pushing and straining is gone, it is quite possible that your hemorrhoids will vanish, too.

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