How to Relieve Constipation
When Other Methods Fail

How to relieve constipation. It was Thanksgiving day, 2013.

Though I had gained a major victory in overcoming chronic constipation, I knew that when I overload my system with food, my colon can’t help but get backed up.

Since 2006 I (and my wife) have taken a mineral supplement that contains a good amount of magnesium.

Ever since then, I rarely get constipation. There are a few exceptions:

  • When I travel
  • When I eat a lot of nuts
  • When I overload my system with food

Ok, so it was Thanksgiving Day.

I put some water in a glass, sat it on the counter, then got distracted and forgot to take my mineral supplement.

Thanksgiving Day feast

Like other Thanksgiving Days, it was a wonderful day! About 30 family members crowded into the house. Each one brought something special to eat.

While others were waiting in the buffet line to fill their plates, I hit the dessert table. I tried a little bit of cheesecake, a little pumpkin pie, a little cherry cobbler, and a little chocolate cream pie.

Next, I hit the food line, armed with a Thanksgiving sized paper plate. With 25 dishes to choose from, I was conservative and only took a little of each (except for the corn pudding!) It was great!

On Thanksgiving Day, we don’t eat supper. Any time we feel a little empty room in the stomach, we simply graze through the kitchen, eating little tidbits of this and that.

Black Friday

The first thing I do every morning when I get up is to drink a tall glass of water containing my mineral supplement, loaded with magnesium.

As I walked into the kitchen, I saw my glass of water sitting there from the previous morning. Ok, that explains my lack of a bowel movement on Thanksgiving Day.

I emptied the glass, then put in some fresh water. Instead of the usual 1 tsp., I put in 1.5 tsp. of minerals. Now this was how to relieve constipation!

Ok, now it is 2 in the afternoon. I have felt some rumblings, but no bowel movement yet. So back to the kitchen for another ¾ tsp. of sea minerals.

That did the trick! Within ½ hour I felt the expected urge to go, and within 20 seconds had passed what was in the colon from THE DAY BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Of course, the minerals continued to do their work, and a number of hours later my colon finished emptying out.

My point

Why suffer from constipation? For most people it is totally unnecessary. If the magnesium in the first dose of Ionic Sea Minerals doesn't do the trick, a second dose is almost guaranteed to get things moving. Besides, magnesium helps with other health issues, too.

This website is on Best Constipation Remedies. Here we discuss all the basics for overcoming constipation. In my experience, nothing works like the sea minerals.

Put in simple terms, constipation is stool that has dried out, and is therefore difficult to pass. This is how the magnesium in the sea minerals works:

  • It pulls moisture into the colon and into the stool

  • This moisture lubricates the stool

  • When there is impacted stool that needs removed, the extra water in the colon provides a kind of hydraulic pressure, pushing the stool along and out.

Because of how it works, magnesium may even provide constipation relief when there is nerve or muscle damage. Magnesium, in my estimation, is the best answer for how to relieve constipation.

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