How Your Constipation Causes Toxicity
and How to Overcome It

By Stephanie

How your constipation causes toxicity. Hold the races!

Something kind of scary may be happening down below in the dark tunnels of your colon!

It’s called toxicity, and if you are constipated, this frightening intestinal enemy may be assaulting you as we speak.

But please, do not fear!  Constipation toxicity can be taken down just as quickly as it came.

Understanding the basics

First of all, to understand the basics of how your constipation causes toxicity did you know that 80% of all disease and discomfort can have something to do with having a toxic colon?

Yup, it’s true.

The colon plays a vital, top notch role to our bodies overall health and vitality.

When constipation comes on board and stops the internal waste disposal train, it can bring some very harsh consequences to our entire system.

What is Constipation Toxicity?

Now throwing the word toxicity around may have visions of orange hazard signs flashing in your head, and though some cases of constipation toxicity minor in their effects, others can be life threatening…so I’m glad I've gotten your attention.

What exactly is constipation toxicity you ask?

Well, quite simply when your stool remains stuck inside of your colon for several days, your body has no way to dispose of the toxic material, forcing your body to reabsorb those toxins back into your body through the walls of your colon.

Sounds pretty gruesome, right?  Well…no lies here, it actually can be.

What are the Effects?

So, you’re constipated for several days and those toxins which are normally transmitted safely out of your body via your regular poop suddenly have nowhere to go.

As toxins enter the blood, this action then causes a chain reaction throughout your entire body as your blood inevitably causes each and every cell to be affected.

This process is known as Autointoxication; or in simpler terms, self-poisoning.

Feeling slightly uneasy? Now don’t be too alarmed, you will feel empowered and at ease by the end of this little ol’ article.

So have a seat, drink some tea and read the rest of 
how your constipation causes toxicity.

Some results of full-blown constipation toxicity

Full blown toxicity caused by constipation can bring about almost every type of common sickness known to man, but let’s just name a few of the major effects:

  • Muscle weakness and fatigue, in every part of your body including your heart and your brain…eek

  • Being unable to mentally process at a normal rate

  • Skin tissue blemishes and ages prematurely

  • Joint stiffness and fatigue

Okay, no need to stand on your kitchen table.  Constipation toxicity can be quite a monster but most certainly one that can be easily vanquished, so take a deep breath.

I’m going to soon tell you exactly how to destroy it, even before it strikes.

How Quickly can Constipation cause Toxicity?

First of all, let me clarify that such extreme health effects won’t take place after going just one day without pooping.

Even going a couple of days without a bowl movement is not likely to cause any serious health threats, though it might result in some obvious physical discomfort and mental irritation.

Going a week or more without pooping, however, is how your constipation causes toxicity.

Let me take you into the more dangerous tides of constipation toxicity, so by all means, if this is you and it’s been five days or more since your last BM, it’s time to take some action and get rid of that stubborn poop.

But how? I knew you were going to ask that!

How can it be Treated?

Obviously you are most likely aware of the basic maneuvers to get yourself out of constipation’s grip, but just in case you don’t, here’s the best of the best constipation evacuation tools:

  • Consuming large quantities of water and fiber are among the top two ways to get that poky colon moving again.

    When I say water, please note, sugary forms of H2O don’t count for much, since sugar constipates and does nasty things in the colon.

    For the fiber end of things, your friendliest food super stars are broccoli, beans, fruit, and items made from whole wheat such as pasta, bread and cereal.

  • Exercise can do wonders in telling your colon to step into gear and move.

    You don’t even have to go all 5 a.m. and Rocky Balboa extreme to achieve some good exercise results.

    No, in fact even light, short walks or taking a couple flights of stairs can be enough to trigger the message to your lower regions.

  • For more stubborn, hard poo, I recommend (from many years of my own constipation experience), using water enemas, suppositories, laxatives, or my favorite, magnesium, to get more compacted stool on its way out the rectal door. 

What can be Done to Prevent it?

Now some people, even health officials, go the extreme route and recommend being administered a colonic system flush once or more a year.  However, I disagree.

Though colonics will in fact leave your colon feeling pretty squeaky clean, the severe current of water also wipes away the healthy bacteria and healthy parasites in your gut. (yes, some parasites are good!)

Also, after experiencing a few colonics myself I can say they are not the most pleasant experience in the world.

I personally prefer taking Ionic Sea Minerals for a consistent system cleanse and maintenance. The magnesium contained therein has numerous health benefits.

This wonderfully high dose of magnesium power not only lets me keep my good bacteria and parasites, but it also gives my body some great benefits, including better immunity and a host of valuable trace minerals.

So thumbs up to Ionic Sea Minerals, for both treatment of constipation and prevention. 

An Ending Note

We've looked at how your constipation causes toxicity. Yes, constipation toxicity can be a bad, bad thing.

But hey, it can also bring forth a powerful wake up call to treat your system more lovingly.

As the battles of constipation continue to rage, feel strong in knowing you have all the knowledge you need for ultimate colonic victory!

So now that you know all the dirty little secrets of 
how your constipation causes toxicity, you may now go forth boldly and defeat it in its tracks.

I’m so glad you took the time to stop by my page. Thanks for reading!

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