How to Colon Cleanse Constipation

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How to Colon Cleanse Constipation. Constipation is one of the most common digestive and bowel issues that individuals across the country suffer from. 

There are many symptoms that constipation suffers experience that can include abdominal pain and rectal irritation to only name a few.  There are many medications as well as supplements and herbal remedies that many find help with their constipation. 

There are numerous colon cleanse products that can help to clean fecal matter from the colon. A magnesium supplement can help with constipation when taken on a daily basis, or can also be taken at a little higher dosage for an effective colon cleanse. 

Some people find that colon cleanses are a great way to deal with constipation and there are several ways and types of colon cleanses that can help with constipation depending on what the individual is looking for

Types of colon cleanses include

•    Natural Home Remedy Colon Cleanses
•    Colonics
•    Colon Cleansers (supplements and pills)

Can a Colon Cleanse Help with Constipation?

Many people who suffer from constipation may be looking for a better way to deal with the constipation. If they have tried supplements they may be wondering if a colon cleanses can help with constipation. Many individuals have found that it indeed can. 

The reason a colon cleanse works so well for constipation is that it helps to flush out any waste that is clogging the digestive track. This can help individuals pass their stools easier and without issue.

However, keep in mind that not all colons cleanses will work, as the results will vary from cleanse and from individual to individual. This is why it is important to do some research to find the one that will work best for your needs.

How effective is a colon cleanse for constipation relief?

The effectiveness of a colon cleanse being used for constipation will vary depending on the individual.  Everyone’s body is different.

Some people may find that a colon cleanse does not work for them or that a supplemental colon cleanse works better for them rather than having a professional colonic done. 

Some individuals may try supplements and then try home remedies for their constipation and they may find that a home remedy works best. 

It all depends on that individual’s body and how it reacts to different treatments.

Types of Colon Cleanses

Home remedies

Many people find that by increasing the amount of fiber in their diets that they can effectively give themselves a colon cleanse. 

There are plenty of foods that are rich in fiber and are great for getting the amount of fiber needed to have a healthy colon. 

For example:

•    Eating fresh raw fruits and vegetables
•    Taking Psyllium husk and seed by adding it to water
•    Flax seed
•    Oat bran or wheat bran

These are all natural ways to help with constipation. 

When eaten in large quantities, they can induce a colon cleanse and help move things along and assist in getting rid of constipation issues.

For more home remedies for colon cleanses, check this site out.


Colonics can be done at home or by a professional.  If an individual is constipated and has never had a colonic, it may be the most beneficial to have it done the first time by a professional. 

A colonic is when water is used to flush out the colon.  For more information on colonics please visit.

Colon cleanse supplements

There are plenty of colon cleansers out there. Finding the right one may take some time.

Doing a little research can be very beneficial before a person tries one. Here are the top 9 colon cleansers

  • Colovexus
  • 7 Day Colon Flush
  • LipoClen
  • 7 Day Detox
  • Colovox
  • Detoxify Fast & Clean
  • TwinLab Colon Care
  • Colon Green
  • Fiber DX

Each of these supplements has a little something different to offer. 

Some of them are all natural and contain things like fiber and Psyllium seed husks, which were both mentioned above.  Almost all of the supplements above are all natural and can help with constipation and colon cleansing.

Magnesium and a sea mineral supplement

Another great way to do a colon cleanse with supplements is to use a sea mineral supplement containing a good amount of magnesium.

Taken over the course of a week or two, its magnesium can thoroughly cleanse the colon.  If taken every day, the magnesium in this supplement may help keep the colon clean and functioning normally so that constipation does not become an issue.

Conclusion, how to colon cleanse constipation

Doing a colon cleanse can bring temporary help to constipation. Longer term relief may be found in diet and lifestyle modifications.

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