Magnesium for Constipation

Magnesium for constipation. Many people around the world are afflicted with constipation on a regular basis.

There are plenty of TV commercials and websites that recommend increasing the daily intake of fiber in an effort to fight constipation. However, for those still suffering from constipation, this solution may not have worked.

Another solution that many people have found in dealing with their constipation is to add different types of fresh fruits and vegetables to their daily intake, as well as to decrease the amount of junk food that is consumed on a regular basis.

Many of us tend to try remedies that are natural before turning to medications, but for those that simply cannot find a cure for chronic constipation, there is another alternative that is both natural and completely effective for constipation in magnesium.

What is constipation?

 In order to understand the solution to constipation, it is important that we first understand what causes constipation.

In most cases, constipation is caused when we do not have enough water in our stool. There are a few different ways to get more water into the stool to solve this problem.

Our goal is to make it easier and less painful to pass stool. Fiber is like a sponge to hold water in the stool, but adding fiber to one’s diet to help relieve constipation may have a few unexpected drawbacks.

  • If the beneficial bacteria that a person should have in their digestive system are not present, adding fiber to the diet may bulk up stools and simply make them harder to pass.

  • If a person is dehydrated, the same thing happens. Stools are bulkier but dry, resulting in even worse constipation.


The solution!

No constipation means happy and carefree

The secret to getting rid of constipation (as well as the unbearable pain that comes along with the blockage) is found in magnesium.

In fact, doctors have known about using magnesium for constipation for many years and prescribe magnesium in order to clean out a patient’s colon before they go to surgery. There are a number of constipation products that are currently available that have magnesium as their active ingredient.


When magnesium is taken for constipation and at the same time a person cuts back on foods that cause constipation and increases the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that they eat each day, their constipation may be completely wiped out.

Think of it. No more suffering during through long days without a bowel movement.

Both Phillips Milk of Magnesia and Epson Salt are effective remedies for constipation because both use magnesium as the active ingredient. However, because of their high magnesium content, these supplements are not recommended for daily use.


Benefits of using a magnesium supplement for constipation

Magnesium supplements are incredible for constipation for a number of different reasons. 

  1. Magnesium supplements are not habit forming, making them the perfect supplement to begin taking.

  2. Magnesium supplements can be used daily for the rest of one’s life. Just make sure your kidneys are healthy before beginning a magnesium regimen.

  3. Magnesium has many different health benefits that it provides for the body in addition to relief from constipation.

  4. Magnesium is helpful in the body to build and maintain teeth and bones.

  5. It helps to maintain energy throughout the day and combat fatigue from long hours.

  6. Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function in the body, including the heart and lungs.

  7. Magnesium contributes to the health of the many different nerve, muscle and cell membranes, helping them to function better and stay strong.

  8. Magnesium can help to keep some of the body’s other mineral and hormonal systems in balance.

Ionic sea minerals contain both a full day’s dose of magnesium for constipation, along with numerous trace minerals that may be very beneficial to life.

It has been said that every disease and sickness can be traced to a mineral deficiency in the body. Ionic sea minerals may be helpful for supplying needed trace minerals.

If you suffer from constipation on a regular basis and cannot find a cure, find a supplement with magnesium in it and kiss (not literally) your constipation goodbye.

A 1 tsp. daily dose of Ionic Sea Minerals contain 106% of the US RDA of constipation fighting magnesium.

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