Mineral Oil for Constipation
Is it a Good Idea?

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By Stephanie

Mineral oil for constipation. For millenniums, oils have aided in the wealth of kingdoms, the youthful radiance of skin, the health of the mind and the enjoyment of food; yet how does mineral oil rate when it comes to the subject of bowel regularity? I give it mixed reviews.

What is mineral oil?  It is actually related to petroleum jelly and is a colorless, odorless oil.

I enjoyed the taste 

Growing up, I loved taking a tablespoon of mineral oil when I was irregular.  The texture was thick and kind of wonderfully greasy to me. I enjoyed the light mineral taste. But how did it measure up in helping with my specific colonic needs?

I can remember, all too clearly, my lovely bouts with constipation as a child.

I would try absolutely everything to help my stubborn stool move, including large tablespoons of thick, clear mineral oil. The mineral oil worked like a dream at the beginning of my constipation onset, when my system first began to show minor signs of delay.

How mineral oil works 

You see, mineral oil works by coating the lining of the intestinal tract to assist in sealing water in the colon.

Metaphorically speaking, you can imagine a similar effect when one points a water hose at a slippy slide. By taking a tablespoon of mineral oil I placed a slippery coating inside the lining of my intestinal walls, making it easier for my stool to move.

Not effective with severe constipation

When I waited until my constipation was severe before taking the mineral oil, however, I did not experience very much of a relieving effect.

Though I could feel the oil’s assistance in “coating” my stool so it would slide more easily, it did not assist in breaking up the large stool masses, which by this point, would have formed to an almost rock like hardness and mass.

With advanced constipation, I would need to go to other measures for relief. When taking a look back at my first example, mineral oil can bring wonderful aid to light stages of constipation.

Only for occasional use

However, I would advise against consuming mineral oil for constipation too often.

Yes, it’s coating effect is great for making poop slide, but it also makes it difficult for your intestines to absorb nutrients from foods you eat throughout that day.

So please be wise and partake of this lovely oil only occasionally, and do not consume it as a daily stool softener. After all, in the process of making your colon happy, we don’t want to insult the rest of your body!

A Big drawback

Does mineral oil for constipation work? Yes, it can help. But it can also mean seepage, which can stain clothing, smell, and be unsightly.

A better product for constipation 

Through my many years of personal experience in the fight for colon regularity, there is another product I find to be much more suitable for ongoing relief of constipation.

Ionic Sea Minerals will get your stool moving quickly and almost without fail. Even in my own extreme cases of constipation, the magnesium in this priceless liquid moved swiftly through my system, not only pushing the stool through my colon but breaking it up as well.

Though ionic sea minerals offer a good dose of magnesium sulfate which has health benefits of its own, as a trace mineral supplement it has other potential health benefits.

My preference 

In my humble opinion, there is nothing wrong with taking a little mineral oil now and then, in moderation, to help the intestinal clock keep ticking on schedule.

I would say, however, that if you want to have your cake and eat it toogo primarily with the Ionic Sea Minerals.  

I hope my article has assisted in guiding you along the way to your own freedom from constipation and irregularity. As you browse through this wonderful site, may your colon find the inspiration it needs to go as it has never gone before.

Thanks for reading.

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