Olive Oil for Constipation
For Dependable Relief and Better Health

By Stephanie

Olive oil for constipation. The fruit of the olive tree has been a symbol of health and beauty for thousands of years.

Believed to be first cultivated in Greece around 5000 BC, olive oil was viewed as a most precious commodity and was even believed to be sent as a gift from “the gods”.

Biblical King David himself owned a vast olive tree orchard and olive oil warehouse which he had heavily protected by guards day and night.

Olive oil – So good for you

A major staple of the Mediterranean diet, an average Grecian consumes an average of half a gallon of olive oil each month!

Researchers have linked this high level of olive oil consumption to why the Mediterranean populations are known for:

  1. A  low percentages of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke
  2. A  longer lifespan than North Americas and North Europeans

So with that being said, what makes olive oil so good?

Omega 3

Omega 6


Vitamin E

Fatty acids

Polyunsaturated fat

Monoununsaturated fat

Oleic Acid

Because of its great nutrient profile, olive oil is vastly superior to mineral oil for constipation relief.

I’m constipated. Can anyone help?

Constipation is a miserable state of being; your entire body becomes affected, becoming sluggish and just plain blah feeling.

I've known much constipation in my life, particularly in my adolescent and teen years. I understand the agony brought on when you just can’t go.

This is especially true when it’s been days or even a week since you've last been able to accomplish a “proper flush”.

Anoint your gut with oil

If you find yourself stranded at home, constipated and unsure what exactly to do about it, olive oil can be a wonderful option for getting rid of the poo blues.

Take 1-2 tablespoons worth (depending on how backed up you are) in the morning 1/2 hour before you eat anything.

If you've already eaten and you’re desperate for relief, wait about an hour for your food to digest and take a spoon worth of soothing olive oil.

If the flavor is just too strong to take olive oil straight, try adding some lemon juice to break up the flavor and add citrus overtones.

The lemon juice helps as a digestive agent by stimulating your intestinal walls to move stool along!

Why Olive Oil For Constipation

Olive oil makes thing slippery

If you haven't already noticed, olive oil is pretty amazing at keeping things from sticking. It functions the same way inside of the gut.

As it descends, it leaves a delicate coating behind, making your intestinal walls and feces slippery.

Another beautiful benefit of using olive oil for constipation relief is that it temporary protects the colon from being harmed or torn while large hard stool moves through.

This reduces the possibility of anal tears from the pressure of the stool and just makes for a more pleasant relief.

Olive oil stimulates bile production

Olive oil stimulates the gallbladder to produce bile, which helps to:

  • Bring more fluid into the colon

  • Soften the stool

  • Provide gentle irritation to the colon, stimulating peristalsis to move stool along

  • Digest fat. Because fat is hard to digest, it slows down the movement of stool through the colon, resulting in harder, dryer stool.

Permanent constipation relief

For a daily health regimen to help keep constipation at bay, magnesium is your very best friend!

I mix up a pitcher of my favorite flavored drink (such as pink lemonade) and then stir in 1 tsp. of Concentrated Sea Minerals.

Sea Minerals are packed full of magnesium.  A daily dose of magnesium, costing as little as 10 cents, will help keep your stool soft and moist by pulling water into your colon.

Magnesium has many other 
nutritional benefits, plus sea minerals contain a host of other essential minerals.

I personally believe that sea minerals are the best mineral supplement available.

Enjoy your Olive Oil Health

Have fun experimenting with olive oil for constipation.

Learn to enjoy its many benefits, as so many of our ancestors have done.

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