Prune Juice for Constipation

By Stephanie

Is the legend for real?

Prune juice for constipation. It is almost legendary in it’s ability to bring relief to our colons.

But is the supposed positive effect of this rich, thick, fiber filled and legendary juice really what everyone says it is, or is it all just legend covered in a blanket of hype?

Does this purple juice really help you poop?

I have tried them all

Being one who has battled irregular bowel movements my whole life, I can error on the safe side by saying I have personally tried just about every form of constipation relief known to mankind, including enemas, laxatives, fiber pills, mineral oil etc.

Perhaps it was the fact it was actually good for me that steered me away from drinking prune juice as a kid when my constipation was the worst. Maybe I was just picky and didn't like the taste; I’m not sure.

For whatever reason, in all my personal trial and errors in the quest for regular bowel movements, sitting down and gulping a glass of prune juice always seemed to evade me. Well, until now.

Giving prune juice a try

Now, much older and hopefully much wiser, I recently decided to give prune juice for constipation a try. Maybe it was its alluring rich sweetness that drew me to it; maybe it was its simplicity which spoke to me or its almost romantically rich taste…mmm.

For whatever my reason, there it was, that mysterious bottle of prune juice, sitting there on the grocery shelf, singing to me like a siren to ease my abdominal pains.

I reached for it and bought it. It sat in my car on the way home, calling to me the whole ride home, its rich sweetness promising a healthy fix to my chocolate deprived sweet tooth.

Finally, I took my first big gulps of this almost heavenly juice. “Wow, that’s rich!”  I thought to myself. A few minutes later I passed by the bottle again, and then again, taking deliciously intoxicating gulps each time.

It works, it REALLY works

Before I knew it I had drank a couple of glasses worth of prune juice.

Approximately an hour later
, as I was busy enjoying the taste of the experience, my recently sluggish colon decided to roar to life, in strange and alarming sounds.

My eyes grew large as I ran for the bathroom. The prune juice for constipation delivered.

Squeeky clean

By the end of my bathroom visit, you could have swiped a cotton ball inside my intestines and it would have come out clean.

Okay, well not literally, but I will say without hesitation that my constipation was no more, thanks to the prune juice I had so recently indulged in.

As a living guinea pig, I can definitely concur that prune juice for constipation can have a powerful effect on one’s intestinal track. There is no doubt in my mind that this amazing juice substance is more than just legend and story.

This rich fiber liquid, from my experience, if given the chance, will most certainly lend relief to stubborn stool problems.

Please use caution

I would advise, however, to be cautious in how you use this powerful little tool.

If you guzzle it down like I did, in the speed I did, you will most likely get extreme diarrhea, just as I did.

You may also experience some slight cramping during your moment of relief, just as I did.

Some diarrhea and mild cramping isn't a big deal for me, so if the same is true for you, all green lights ahead! Chug that healthy stuff!

If diarrhea and cramps are a problem for you, however,take it slow. Don’t be overly ambitious. A little prune juice, as my grandmother used to say, goes a very long way.

A zero calorie alternative

So if you want a sweet treat, an amazing dose of fiber and a little help in the intestinal track area, go buy that lonely little bottle of prune juice at the store and enjoy.

If you don’t care for prune juice or are worried about the calories, I highly recommend trying Ionic Sea Minerals to obtain ongoing regularity.  

Ionic Sea Minerals carries a nice amount of Magnesium, good for much more than constipation, and is ridiculously easy to use and keep on hand, not to mention affordable.

Read my story of how they worked for me.

Either way, I truly hope you will soon receive the regularity you are longing for. Happy going, and as always, thank you so much for reading.

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