Quick Constipation Relief

By Stephanie

Quick Constipation Relief
With a society brimming over the top with fast food and sugary delights on the go, it’s no wonder we all need a little help when it comes to doing our business in the bathroom.

I personally have experienced a plethora of moments where I was affected by the inability to have a normal bowel movement.

For years and years I have tried just about every type of product on the market for constipation.

Even though some, no doubt, took care of business pretty well, I found a superstar among the group that to this day, in my opinion, reigns #1 as the best form of quick constipation relief.

This superstar is affectionately known as Magnesium, and it has saved the day for myself and my brother more than once!

It Started With a Little Common Sense

I could feel it, the sluggish, cramping, full sensation that always lets me know my intestinal highway system has come once again to a complete halt. Ouch.  Not a pleasant sensation.

I thought of reaching for the normal things to help it out, and went through the list of options quickly in my mind.

I will say that I was feeling some serious discomfort and did not feel like waiting half a day for a laxative or mineral oil to kick in.

It was the weekend and I wanted to feel really good that Friday night.

I found out about a product called Ionic Sea Minerals, a liquid product which contains the superstar ingredient of Magnesium, which is good for much more than constipation.

I placed a teaspoon of this amazing mineral solution into my glass of fruit juice and gulped it down. Thirty to forty minutes later, Ionic Sea Minerals saved the day, ushering my system into quick constipation relief.  

Ionic Sea Minerals, Sometimes Less is More

I experimented around with the sea minerals to help with occasional onsets of constipation.

Times when constipation levels were worse than others, I was a little too over-ambitious with the amount of Ionic Sea Minerals I took, adjusting the dose to two teaspoons as opposed to my initial dose of one teaspoon.

Though they most certainly did the trick, the powerful cleaning action of these minerals went into double time, causing some cramps and slight diarrhea.

I learned quickly the power the Ionic Sea Minerals held for my colon health.

Everyone is different, of course, so each person can determine what the best dose amount for their individual colon would be.

Fast Relief for Extreme Constipation as Well

Even in my darkest of days of painful, gut wrenching constipation, the Ionic Sea Minerals were truly the superhero of my colon’s relief.

I can genuinely say that in all of my experience in using other methods throughout my lifetime in dealing with constipation, the Ionic Sea Minerals not only have consistently provided quick constipation relief, but are crazy affordable, long lasting and have a tremendous shelf life.

This is
a product that must not be missed

The Exercise Factor

When constipated, I've discovered the Ionic Sea Minerals work especially well with a burst of exercise.

If I’m feeling especially impatient to get some relief, I have created a very effective ritual of taking a regular dose and then heading out on a small twenty to thirty minute walk.

By the time I get home, I can feel that my intestines are in full motion as they hyper move the minerals effect through my system. Before I know it, I’m smiling and constipation free.

Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty of Relief

If you are planning to purchase the Ionic Sea Minerals, you most likely prefer to know exactly what to expect when taking them for quick constipation relief.

I have found, when taking a higher dose than what I normally would take, the minerals had an amazing effect on my system quite similar to the effect of a water enema.

A water enema pushes blasts of water up into your colon.

The water then helps break down the poop, then the water acts as a flooding agent, wonderfully building pressure behind the hard stool and blasting it out of your colon.

Similarly, I found when taking a higher dose of the minerals that the minerals draw more water in my colon, and flush out any hard stool.

Growing up on water enemas, I grew to prefer this sensation as it was instantly gratifying relief. Some may not prefer this, however, and should keep with a lower dosage.

Long-term relief

For long term constipation prevention, I found that consuming ½ to 1 teaspoon of the Ionic Sea Minerals per day brings about consistent and gentle regularity, resulting in the doctor recommended one to three stool movements per day.

Many people, even though consuming highly nutritious diets, have difficulty experiencing consistent regularity.

I remember as I began to adjust my own diet to more vegetable, fruit and protein rich foods, I still experienced many episodes of constipation.

I have found, thankfully, that by taking the minimal dose each day as part of my normal regimen, I experience a wonderful consistency within my colon, preventing further onsets of constipation.        

Why I Never Went Back to Any Other Products

Let me walk you through a few things I have experienced from years of enjoying this phenomenal product, Ionic Sea Minerals.

Though I rate the Ionic Sea Minerals five stars in the prevention of constipation, general colon upkeep and severe constipation relief, I am also exceedingly pleased with the sea mineral’s many overall health benefits.

Basically, instead of spending a painful amount of money for a dozen different vitamin and colon health products, the Ionic Sea Minerals pack a powerful punch in heightening the health of your immune system.

Who of us wouldn't want that?

If you are on the edge about this product, I hope this article can act as a guide light through any fears you may have in trying something new.

If you would like an end to your chronic constipation, or if you are someone who needs that occasional help in going regularly, give this product a try.

From experience I can say it will be one of the best things you’ll ever find on the market for 
quick constipation relief.

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