Relieving Constipation Naturally

By Stephanie

The beauty of natural

Relieving constipation naturally. Why are we drawn to natural things?

Is it because they seem pure?  Does the word natural make us think of the blue sky, an ocean, a drop of dew?

Just hearing the word “natural” literally brings a sense of happiness to my being.

Maybe it’s because I associate it with beauty, breathtaking overlooks and refreshing gardens. For whatever reason, human beings in general love doing things naturally, including relieving ourselves.

Stripping all else away

To begin with, let’s strip everything else away and see what’s left.

Let’s take away the drugs, the laxatives and those things you stick up your butt to get some stool movement.

Now, what exactly DO we have left to look to as a beacon of hope for relieving constipation naturally?

What did our ancestors do

What is it they always say?

“Study your past to learn about your future?”

Or was it

“if you want to know the future, than look at the past?”

Okay, maybe I didn't quote it quite right, but this does reveal where we're heading in this article.

We’re going to learn how how our ancestors went about relieving constipation naturally.

What did our ancestors do when constipation came there way after eating one cow leg too many or drinking too much goat milk?

Olive Oil – Constipation’s Liquid Jewel

Back in the olden days, especially in middle eastern lands, they LOVED olive oil.

Olive oil is, of course, derived from the olive, and the oil is high in fatty acids. These are particularly helpful for stubborn stool.

You see olive oil works very much like a natural laxative by temporarily coating your intestine and your stool, paving the way for a very slick and stable exit for those stubborn masses of stool.

Considering our ancient ancestors used olive oil so consistently in their diet, maybe they never got constipated to begin with?  (pause)  No, everyone gets constipated at some point or another.

To use olive oil for relieving constipation naturally, take one to two teaspoons in the morning by mouth BEFORE eating anything.

Lemons Anyone?

Now I want you to take yourself back to old England, way back when white powdered wigs and candle lit balls were in style.

Tea time anyone? One of the English staples at that time was tea, flavored with sugar, milk, and lemon juice.

I don't know if the English knew it at the time, but their lemon juice was an amazing colonic cleanser. I do know they used it for its zesty, awaking properties.

Which now makes sense, for if lemon juice can awaken food, your nose AND your palette all combined, why wouldn't it awaken your colon as well?

It does, it surely does poppet!

During your day of constipated misery, get yourself a glass of warm soothing water and squeeze in the juice of one whole lemon, then stir. Sip your drink until it's gone.

Lemon juice works at stimulating the digestive track, working out all of those nasty toxins that have been trapped inside the colon until they’re flushed to where they belong.

Molasses – True Sticky Relief

The Portuguese of the West Indies were the first to introduce Molasses to the world.  

Called Melaco meaning “honey”, it was the ruling sugar delight in the 1500’s.

When the new colonies discovered this dark, sweet treat while on an expedition, they brought some back, and America has never been quite the same.

To give that constipation a kick in the old rooster, take a teaspoon of black strap molasses and add it into either warm water or a hot cup of tea.

Stir until dissolved, then sit back and enjoy!

Molasses contains rich vitamins as well as a heavy amount of magnesium, which really does the trick for relieving constipation naturally. It draws water into the colon so it can work that nasty pooh right on out.

But be careful. Molasses is so rich, sticky and delicious that you might want to eat the whole bottle, so exercise restraint. Yum yum!

Coffee - Take a Break from Constipation 

Hmmm…where to even start with this one; I bet you’re excited to see coffee on the list!

According to legend, coffee originated in Arabia centuries ago and was discovered when a goat ate the strange “brown berries” and became quite spirited!

We all love the energizing and comforting effects of coffee. The mere smell of it enough to win over non coffee drinking souls.

Though coffee is known primarily for its caffeine and dehydrating properties, did you know it can bring a dreamy end to constipation?

Taken in moderation, i.e., one to two cups in the morning, coffee behaves as a natural stimulant to the digestive track due to its grand quantities of caffeine.

It is my personal favorite way for relieving constipation naturally.

Caution: as mentioned above, coffee tends to bring dehydration, which can produce constipation. To avoid this, drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Aloe Vera can soften the hardest of…

Straight from the African heartland, the Aloe Vera plant has been cherished for thousands of years. It was used throughout Greece, Egypt and Asia.

Mostly known for its therapeutic and healing properties for skin, it may surprise you to know that it just may have the same effects on your stool.

Drink either two tablespoons of pure aloe mixed with your favorite juice, or drink a cup of straight Aloe Vera juice, and watch it work, soothing your tummy as it goes.

Liquid magnesium

What is more natural than sea minerals? Did you know that sea minerals are high in magnesium? Magnesium is constipation’s unsung hero.

For most people, just a teaspoon a day of low sodium sea mineral concentrate is enough to keep their bowels working like a clock. It sure works for me!

Magnesium, the active ingredient of Phillips Milk of Magnesia and Epson Salts, draws water into the colon. Magnesium does the following:

• It keeps the stool soft and moist (75% water content is perfect)

• The moisture lubricates the stool for easy transit

• Stools with the proper moisture are bulkier, which triggers the colon to move it along

Magnesium by itself has many health benefits.

But concentrated sea minerals contains more than magnesium. It also contains every naturally occurring elemental mineral.

Many of these trace minerals are vitally important, but missing from most of our diets.

Final Natural Thoughts

  • Get plenty of movement throughout the day. It will help the entire body stay in motion, including the bowels.

  • Drink at least 6-8 cups of water a day…it’s important, and hey…it’s natural, so why not?

So put away those harsh stimulants, and jump on the relieving constipation naturally bandwagon.

Thanks for reading.

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