Severe Constipation
Understanding the Problem

By Stephanie

Severe constipation can have numerous complications. Stephanie experienced terrible constipation all throughout her childhood. She has researched the subject thoroughly, and here shares her insights.

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Extreme constipation

The results of not going for a week or more at a time proved to be quite consequential. This is my story.

Constipation and depression

Loss of self empowerment, shame, irritability, tiredness, anxiety, panic attacks. For me these were all linked to constipation.

Symptoms of constipation

Symptoms of constipation, including extended abdomen, gas and bloating, cramping, loss of appetite, nausea, sluggishness, and fever can easily be dispelled.

Get rid of stomach pain constipation

As a child, my inability to defecate brought me much anguish and pain. But I overcame my problem, and so can you.

How constipation causes toxicity

How your constipation causes toxicity. When stool sits in the colon for too long a time, the colon reabsorbs toxins back into the blood, causing problems.

Constipation side effects help reveal the right course of treatment

Constipation side effects vary according to the stage of constipation. I break it down into 4 stages, along with the appropriate response for these stages.

Avoid complications of constipation by learning from others

The complications of constipation don't come all at once. When symptoms are ignored, they can become worse, and it can even become life threatening. This is a story of Thomas. His story reveals the downward spiral of constipation complications.

Constipation gas is your colon trying to communicate with you

Constipation gas has a stronger smell because constipated stool is starting to rot in the gut. Clean out your colon and get rid of that stinky smell forever!

Constipation and bloating

Constipation and bloating are a double whammy. Caused by stool backing up in the colon and yeast colonies taking over, its time to take back control.

Why back pain and constipation can often show up at the same time

Back pain and constipation often come together. There are numerous reasons for this. Primarily, the extra weight in the colon puts a strain on back muscles.

Constipation and headache - ease your bowel and help your head!

How are constipation and headaches related? There are a number of ways that a backed up colon can cause a headache, and a simple remedy for both.

In most cases, constipation  is what causes hemorrhoids

Have both hemorrhoids and constipation? Most hemorrhoids are caused by straining and pushing to have a bowel movement. End constipation and in a few weeks most hemorrhoids tend to vanish.

Heartburn constipation - What causes it, and how to overcome it

Heartburn constipation can be caused by a backed up digestive system. However, it can go much deeper than this. The digestive "brain" controls more than we think.

Constipation blues - what is it, and how do we deal with it?

Feeling the constipation blues? Constipation brings physical AND emotional problems that can have us feeling blue. Find your answer to it today.

How constipation causes acne.

Constipation really can cause acne. When toxins accumulate in the bowel, they are reabsorbed into the blood. They are pushed out skin pores, causing acne.

Constipation and nausea.  Learn why the one can cause the other

Control constipation and nausea may just leave on its own. The body doesn't like it when the "trash" mounts up in the colon. Nausea is its way to tell you.

An explanation of why constipation can be followed by diarrhea

Constipation followed by diarrhea is not all that uncommon. In its effort to rid itself of a large mass of stool, the body will mimick its cure for IBS.

What can cause blood in the stool, and should I be concerned?

Is constipation blood ever dangerous? Learn how to tell the difference between a surface cut, a raw hemorrhoid, and other more serious causes.

When can constipation cause weight gain

There are a number of instances when constipation and weight gain go hand in hand. However, in most situations extreme constipation can cause weight loss.

Causes of anal pain (Proctalgia Fugax) and how to deal with it

Learn the causes of anal pain, and some simple ways of dealing with it, including the itching, tingling sensation, and that uncomfortable downward pressure it causes on the rectum.

Your constipation questions answered

Constipation questions need answered. Learn the reasons behind constipation, and how to successfully live with properly functioning bowels.


Constipation away from home

This can be a real problem. But there are simple ways to overcome it, whether traveling by car or plane.

Why sugar can cause constipation

Learn why sweets tend to cause constipation, and what to do about it. Sugar is addicting. Learn how to overcome this addiction with four tips for sweet relief.

I hope this constipation information proves helpful to you.

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