Stomach Pain Constipation
My Pain, My Remedy

By Stephanie

Let’s talk about stomach pain constipation.  Yes, there are a lot of things that can cause stomach pain, such as eating too much candy, having a stomach ulcer, overeating, and general menstrual cramping, to name just a few.

But there is stomach pain that most of us have experienced at some point of our lives caused by constipation.

Stomach pain is one of the more unpleasant side-effects when dealing with constipation. The colon is full, and the stomach is not too pleased. The gut becomes distended, you can lose your appetite, and sharp pains can ensue.

Early memories of stomach pain constipation

In my childhood, I battled chronic extreme constipation.  One particular memory of the onslaught of stomach pain caused by my backed up bowels happened when I was a kid. I was about six years old.  As always, it had been about a week since I had experienced a bowel movement. I had become used to the same song and dance of not going for a week at a time.

I remember on this particular day, horrible pain began to grip my stomach. I was at my best friend's house, playing in her room at the time. My friend had become accustomed to my condition and promptly made me a small blanket bed amongst the Barbie dolls.

I can remember lying there on the floor, writhing in pain. I looked up at my friend, wishing I could keep playing. But instead I lay there holding my stomach, waiting until it was time to go home.

Stomach pain from constipation is ruthless. In my experience, in extreme situations it can almost have flu like symptoms such as chills and fever, as toxins, having nowhere else to go, began to recirculate back into your system.

Anyone who has experienced a stomach ache caused by constipation knows that the road to relief can be as painful as the stomach pain.

Desperate for relief from stomach pain constipation

So many times in my childhood I came to a state of complete desperation for relief from the pain caused by my constipation. I can remember lying on my parent's bed, holding my stomach from the terrible pain and feeling horrible, as food eaten earlier tried to force it’s way up my throat.

In my case it was normal for my stool to become hard and compacted. Back then, the only way to loosen it was with a water enema.  Most of the time water enemas were very effective for me, but the process was quite unpleasant.

My colon was already full of stool, my stomach already aching. I remember the pain that ensued as that water gushed through my system, filling my colon to the brim. All the gases already present in my gut created horribly sharp pains, and the nausea in my stomach got five times worse, with threats of throw up. 

After the enema was administered, I would then have to lay waiting for the water to take its effect in my colon.  My stomach clenched up tightly.

Finally, I would be able to go and relieve myself.  Fortunately, the stomach pain always left immediately upon passing the stool.

Psychological effects of constipated stomach pain

The physical effects from stomach pain brought on by constipation are bad enough. However, stomach pain caused by constipation can affect you not only physically, but mentally as well.

The powerlessness and the desperation can actually be far worse than the pain itself. As a child, as I looked at those around me I seemed to be the only one who could not succeed in normal bowel function.

I felt such shame when others found out that my constipation stomach pain was back. I felt like a horrible failure, as if a cruel bully was mocking me as I writhed in helpless agony.

The joy of overcoming

Thankfully, some good came from my struggles.  How can that be, you might ask?

As a veteran of many constipation and stomach pain episodes, it felt like a war zone each and every time. I would sit on the toilet, fighting to win.

My colon would be full and my stomach pain so intense.  It was a lonely battle front, a solo one, a hidden one.

When after as much as an hour I finally succeeded, I felt powerful and alive, grabbing back the reins of my well-being. These moments of defeating my constipation were like power house moments for me.

It helped me realize that even though pain and sickness seem so powerful for the moment, I have the power to overcome them. I learned that there is always hope on the other side of every fight in life.

And end to the battle

If you are experiencing constipated stomach pain and are reading this, or if you have a child dealing with this same issue, I hope this article gives you a new drive to defeat this horrible pain, as well as appreciate the power that will come with vanquishing it, especially for a child.

As an adult, I now live with very healthy bowel movements

My past war with constipation makes me so appreciative of being able to poop each day.

Eating right and taking a daily magnesium rich supplement have really helped me to achieve this wonderful new lifestyle. Plus, magnesium is good for much more than constipation.

Get help faster than I did

There’s hope on the other side of stomach pain constipation. Fortunately, you can have it much faster than I did.

As a child, I didn't have access to the ionic minerals supplement, and really suffered for lack of it. But you can take back the reins on your (or your child's) stomach pain constipation today. The minerals are so affordable, convenient and easy to work into everyday life. They are an amazing tool to gliding quickly into relief.

As I write, my heart goes out to those of you experiencing stomach pain constipation, and I sincerely hope you gain relief much sooner than later.

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