Symptoms of Constipation

By Stephanie

Ode to the symptoms of constipation.

Many, if not all of us, have experienced this “gift” called constipation. It’s actually no wonder so many of us experience it, with our fast paced meals that contain so many sugary and starchy delights, and very little fiber.

Isn't it amusing how easy it is to be blissfully ignorant of the needs of our colon. If you’re like me, a piece of cake today usually seems worth the risk of painful back-up tomorrow. Many hours after that piece of cake, long after we have forgotten the exquisite flavor, comes the onslaught of uncomfortable symptoms which can surprisingly catch us off guard.

When these symptoms begin to bombard our bodies, we can start to wonder if perhaps there is something dreadfully wrong with us – cancer, or goodness knows what. All along, our problems and discomforts simply stem from a constipated and very unhappy colon.

7 Physical Symptoms of Constipation

Here are the physical effects caused by constipation. The following occur when we are constipated. Knowing what constipation looks like can assist us to quickly find constipation freedom. After all, how can we take out the villain if we don’t know what it is?

1. Extended abdomen

In my opinion, other than the initial moment of unsuccessfully grunting on the toilet, an extended, sometimes hard feeling abdomen is the first key sign to look for when constipation is at your door.

2. Gas, bloating

This is an unpleasant note to start on, but common when it comes to the symptoms of constipation.  When you begin to feel that full, bloated, nasty feeling all through your abdomen, your first assumption may be that you simply ate too much at dinner.

Maybe so, but if it persists past the normal amount of time for digestion, most likely you’re a little constipated. Your colon is in desperate need of a little more breathing room.  You know, out with the old, in with the new, so to speak.   

3. Cramps

Ouch…now those hurt, the cramps I mean. Cramps are caused by a congested colon.

Now if you’re a woman, you might think it’s that most anticipated time of the month. Well, it could be, but don’t forget that constipation can cause a very similar cramping sensation. Your colon has crap that it can’t seem to get rid of.

4. Loss of appetite

From personal experience, it takes a few days without a single bowel movement before I lose the desire to eat. Of course, everyone is different. A loss of appetite many times occurs, not just from a full to the brim colon, but also from the redistribution of old toxins back into the body.

Toxin Build Up is the Root of All Pooh Evils. Constipation causes toxin build up to occur in our systems when our bodies haven’t been successful in taking out the garbage, so to speak.

They then begin to re-filter those nasty little toxins back into our bloodstreams, causing a plethora of ill-will throughout our entire bodies. This can also bring on a sensation of extreme nausea.

5. Nausea

Yes, the symptom of nausea normally creeps in when one has gone several days without a bowel movement.

For a visual of what is occurring when you feel this sensation, picture an over-filled, stinky, rotting trash can. It’s not hard to understand why this build up of waste would cause you to feel nauseous.

6. Sluggishness

Perhaps this symptom perhaps is a no-brainer.  Yes, constipation can make you feel sluggish.

At this point your body is working in overdrive just to function properly, as it wades through its own inner cesspool of delays and toxic combat. So if you’re feeling especially weak and void of energy, you may be in desperate need of some colon cleansing.

7. Fever

Now it’s getting severe.  If you are experiencing symptoms of fever for no apparent reason, you may very well be at an extreme point of constipation. Hitting a state where fever is evoked most often occurs after a week or more without a bowel movement.

A fever can also suggest that you have a tear in your colon lining, created from the bulk of stool inside that is stretching your colon. The body will do it’s best to fight the resulting infection caused by feces leaking into the abdomen.

This is most definitely not something to play with. If you have reached this state, it’s time to go to a doctor.

Mental Symptoms of Constipation

Along with the physical symptoms caused by constipation, psychological symptoms often occur as well in the forms of:

  • Irritability
  • Stress
  • Impatience
  • Depression
  • Slow or confused mental processing

With all of that being said, what can one do to be free from this constipated limbo of symptoms?

Remedies and Preventatives

  • First off, keep hydrated. Dehydration results in the body drawing too much water from the colon to use it for more urgent needs.

  • Eat a fiber rich diet consisting of whole wheat, beans and raw fruits and veggies.
  • Limit the intake of sugar, starches, dairy and processed foods.

  • Move your body. Even just a little more movement than normal can help.

  • Take a daily dose of a mineral supplement rich in magnesium. It gives your colon a nice boost in the right direction. Plus, magnesium is good for more than constipation.

You can also check out my article covering the various constipation remedies, and my article on quick constipation relief. I hope this article has served in helping you understand the basic symptoms of constipation, and that it helps in getting your beautiful colon in the right direction once again.

Be healthy, always know hope stays alive as long as you keep pressing forward, and as always, thank you for reading.

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